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  1. FlameTail

    Discussion Smartphones: More cache in the SoC better than having faster DRAM?

    Memory bandwidth is one of the greatest constraints in the advancement of the computing power. With CPUs becoming more powerful, they add more caches and support for faster RAM. Yet, historically Android SoC makers (Qualcomm, Mediatek, Samsung) have been stingy in including big caches in their...
  2. gupchupraj

    Question Extended Warranty for iPhone 13

    I have recently purchased an iPhone 13. Is it advisable to buy an extended warranty or insurance along with it?
  3. FlameTail

    Discussion Do you think the M-chip in the Mac Pro will have a soldered CPU ?

    Apple announced in it's 2020 WWDC that wit will transition all Macs to Apple Silicon within 2 years. Now it's 2022 and 2 years have almost passed. The rumor mill is suggesting that Apple will delay completing their transition- There are 2 more devices for Apple Silicon to be implemented- the...
  4. FlameTail

    Question Is it possible to overclock an Apple M1 chip?

    Is it possible to overclock an M1 / M1 Pro / M1 Max chip ? Has anyone done this ?
  5. FlameTail

    Question Why does the M1 Pro/M1 Max have only 2 efficiency cores ?

    The M1 Pro / M1 Max feature an 8P/2E configuration compared to the M1's 4P/4E. So the number of efficency cores is halved vs the M1. 1] Are 2 efficiency cores sufficient ? 2] And how many cores does MacOS take to run ?
  6. FlameTail

    Question Which is better? More E-cores or more P-cores ?

    Apple is betting on it's Big cores. The M1 Pro doubles the number of firestorm cores but halves the number of icestorm cores compared to the M1. A future 'M1 Quadra' is rumoured to have 32 Big cores and just 8 small cores. So, yes, Apple is focusing on it's big cores. Intel on the other hand...
  7. FlameTail

    Question How did Apple achieve such high memory bandwidth on the M1 Pro and Max ?

    The M1 Pro has whopping 200 GB/s and the M1 Max has an insane 400 GB/s of memory bandwidth. How did Apple achieve this ? They don't use GDDR or HBM RAM, but regular LPDDR (!), which makes it all the more puzzling.
  8. FlameTail

    Question Multi Threading on Apple Firestorm ?

    Apple Firestorm core in the M1 does not have Simultaneous Multi Threading. I was wondering, [1] What effect will be there if SMT is implemented to a future successor of the Firestorm ? Obviously, it seems that the Firestorm core has not been designed for SMT to work optimally. The Firestorm...
  9. ultimatebob

    Question Apple Product Announcement Thread 2021

    So, what are we thinking about the new iPhones that Apple is announcing next week? The rumor sites are expecting new iPhone 13's in various sizes, along with a new Apple Watch. I kinda miss the old Steve Jobs era keynotes, where he would announce "One more thing" that was unexpected. That...
  10. T

    Question Macbook pro wont turn on no matter what

    My Macbook pro 2011 was water damaged, i ended up fixing it with alcohol and It started working. it ended up being that the battery was faulty anyways so i would disconnect it and the Macbook would run on full speed. So I ended up getting another battery and it would work but the trackpad and...
  11. T

    Question Macbook Pro wont turn on without the battery and plugged into the wall

    My Macbook pro 2011 was water damaged, i ended up fixing it. It started working and it ended up being that the battery was fried. i would disconnect it and the Macbook would run on full speed. I ended up getting another battery and it would work but the trackpad and keyboard wont work, only on...
  12. A

    Discussion Terrible cpu schedule for a14

    I acknowledge that A14 is very fast. However, in the real application which really need performance such as high demanding game, A14 is terrible. Usually in just 1-2 minutes of game, the FPS will suddenly decrease below 10. What I observed is performance cpu core will close for 20 seconds when...
  13. ultimatebob

    Question New iPad Launch: September 2020

    We got another Apple keynote speech coming up on the 15th... what do we think that they're going to announce? New iPhone 12's? Probably A new iPad? Probably A new watch? Possibly New iOS and MacOS releases? Probably (they're already been announced at WWDC) A new Apple silicon powered...
  14. B

    Apple bans woman who proves data recovery possible

    So the woman (who was a molecular biologist) repaired her I-phone and then started a business repairng them and recovering data. Apple's take was "if it's been in water it's done for, no recovery possible". The woman offered advise and proof on the Apple community support forum, (no she didn't...
  15. Q

    Apple TV

    IS apple TV good???
  16. KMFJD

    Right to Repair

    Apple wanted $1200 to fix laptop display , takje it to a shop and it's just a bent pin and fixes it for free in 2 seconds. Looks like there's a few states that are starting to put right to repair in the law books and will be forcing companies like Apple to sell spare parts/repair manuals. Sleazy...
  17. G

    Apple A 12 - Tick or Tock ?

    Hello comunity, I think all of you are familiar with intel’s tick tock strategy for CPU releases. I think we could identify a similar pattern with Apple SoC which became quite a topic over last few years. I see this as ticks being focused on energy efficiency and die size on even A chips...
  18. K

    Apple A11x Rumors.

    - 7nm : We Expected that, since the "X" series are now merely the pipe cleaner for A12. - 6 Core Graphics : Basically double of A11. Also the norm for X. Now the Interesting Part. 8 Core CPU - 3 High Perforamnce Core + 5 High Efficiency Core. Compared to A11 which is 2 HP Core + 4 HE Core I...
  19. ultimatebob

    Macbook Pro Kernel Panic?

    Hi Guys, I noticed that my 2013 era Macbook Pro running OS X 10.11.6 has been kernel panicing with the following error message while using Chrome. Has anyone else seen this issue? Anonymous UUID: 48E17720-A993-D476-AB43-C1FBCB96BDDA Thu Apr 27 18:28:00 2017 *** Panic Report ***...
  20. D

    Imagination Announces PowerVR Furian GPU Architecture: The Next Generation of PowerVR

    Imagination Announces PowerVR Furian GPU Architecture: The Next Generation of PowerVR by Ryan Smith on March 8, 2017 11:00 AM EST Taking place today is Imagination Technologies’ annual tech summit in Santa Clara, California. The company’s annual summit is always a venue for major Imagination...
  21. ibex333

    Apple Watch Series 2. Should I bother?

    I am a gadget freak. When something cool and useful appears, I must have it! That being said, I am also practical, and don't want to waste money. I owned the original Moto 360, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, and LG G2. All these watches sucked because their HR monitor and step count was always highly...
  22. S

    MacBook for video / photo editing

    I currently have: 2009 13" MBP, 2010 21" iMac, 2012 11" MacBook Air. None are powerful enough for video editing as I (learn how to) edit 4K videos from my DJI Mavic Pro (awesome piece of kit, btw!). I'm also an aspiring photographer so I want to dive deeper into Lightroom, photo editing, etc...
  23. EXCellR8

    Mac Hard Drive Recovery

    I have a friend's Macbook Pro with a 160GB Fujitsu hard drive that doesn't want to cooperate. The OS never loads but the hard drive doesn't seem to be dead, at least not yet. When I used Disk Utility to scan and verify the drive, it appeared to be making progress right up until the error: live...
  24. superstition

    Surprise. OEMs not just tricking AMD buyers

    The latest mandatory configurations from Dell's "Premier" for a major influential university: Let's do the Time Warp again with Apple, too: At least people can add a second stick of RAM to the Dells (although that won't happen in the vast majority of cases). Good luck prying open...
  25. Commodus

    iPhone 7

    I know we have a thread in the mobile phone subforum that's discussing the iPhone 7, but it's really more of an iPhone 7 alternatives thread, so... here's the thread for everything else! As a recap, the big changes for the iPhone 7/7 Plus: - Much-improved cameras (including a dual camera with...
  26. A

    Scheduling Apps | Avery Eisenreich

    I am looking for a daily scheduling app that can integrate basic to-do's, calendar events, and important contact information. The App Store has a bewildering amount of choices. The one that stands out is Omnifocus. Have you used Omnifocus before? Was your experience positive? Avery Eisenreich