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  1. Beraid

    Question Android Go on an Old Phone?

    I have an LG Leon LTE from 2014 with only 1GB of RAM. If I do too much web browsing it's not unusual to run into a low memory error such as "unable to complete the previous operation due to low memory". Is it possible to install Android Go on this device and would it even be worth it? Not having...
  2. N

    Question Nokia 2.2 / Kernel Architecture

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping that someone here can confirm the kernel architecture of the Android system in the Nokia 2.2 phone. I need to know for sure if it is 32-bit or 64-bit (AArch64) compatible. From browsing the Geekbench 5 results on their website, it looks to be AArch64 but I would really...
  3. J

    Boltune Wireless Earbuds Upgraded Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo Amazon - Boltune wireless headphones on sale $36.99 Wireless Earbuds [Upgraded] Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo [USB-C Quick Charge] IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones 40Hours Playing Time Bluetooth Earbuds Built-in Mic Single/Twin Mode...
  4. N

    Suggest me android developers who are highly experienced

    hello folks, I am new member to this forum :) I would like to create a ringtone cutter app which will be free for everyone but I don't know coding I have planned to hire some coders to code my app from scratch with all the required things. May I know where should I hire coders? Can you people...
  5. N

    Question Is there an OS to install a Netflix app that allows you to download content?

    I am specifically searching for an OS for months now that allows Netflix to be installed also allowing downloads for later viewing. My main reason for this is to mount a Raspberry Pi 4 to the back of my TV connected to the internet and whilst I am asleep I can download a few episodes and/or...
  6. Y

    Question Access a Bluetooth-only device wirelessly from a non-Bluetooth device using SSH(with a full featured Android device as a 'middleman')

    I am faced with a strange problem(at least,strange to me). I have a laptop(running Arch Linux), which does not have Bluetooth capability(let's call this device A). I also have another computer which has Bluetooth as its only means of communication(let's call this device B). I need to access...
  7. H

    Cheap phone vs expensive phone

    In my experience I used expensive phone like iphone 6s and cheap one Redmi note 5 and its really tough to say that cheap one is not good because i am still able to do all my daily task and as i mention the cheap one is easy to replace because you don't have to pay much for it and even if its got...
  8. B

    Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 8 - Unexplained high storage use

    Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 8 - Unexplained high storage use I got my new Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 8 a couple of weeks ago. It's running Nougat 7.1.1 After initial setup, I uninstalled some apps, mostly the Microsoft Office trialware and Skype. When I finished this, I had about 7.8 GB of used space on the 16...
  9. K

    standalone android install on SSD?

    Hey all! I've got a rig that I want to install some form of android on. I've had a lot of trouble with android x86. Is there any way to install only android on an SSD? I've only found guides online that require dual boot with windows or linux. I figure it has to be possible since companies like...
  10. Y

    Automatically forwarding texts

    I'm stuck with an iPhone 8+ and I just want to leave it in a drawer or something and not have to deal with it. I got the calls forwarding to work automatically easily enough to my S7, is there an easy way to automatically forward texts? Tried a few ways I found from searching online, but not...
  11. E

    Windows 10 file sharing works from *some* Android apps

    I'm trying to sync files with the SyncMe Wireless Android app to my new desktop computer running Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update). The app uses plain Windows File Sharing, i.e. the SMB protocol. However, when I try to connect, I just get a "connection reset". Checking logcat on the phone, I...
  12. M

    Call Log Display Help

    Hi. The Call Log, if the contact is on my contact list, displays the Contact Name and below the Country/City instead of the Phone Number that was used to call me or the one i called. If the contact is not in my Contact List, it displays the Contact Number and below the Country/City. Is there any...
  13. H

    custom pc for programming - no gaming

    hello there, i am new so please ignore any mistakes. current hp laptop+extra monitor Current amd a4 4300m 4gb ram 500 gb hdd 1gb 7670M dGPU+512Mb 7420G iGPU 1366*768 + 1280*720 monitor Upgrade cpu: ryzen 1500X or 1600 or ANY OTHER SUGGESTED motherboard: ASUS PRIME-B350M-A ram: 2X8 GB DDR4...
  14. #12!

    Suggestion: Stop listening to iOS/macOS -Android/Win whining, & 'review' gear!

    I'm sorry, don't wanna come across as a jerk, but as a lurking 'member' of Anandtech for many years - and a relatively quiet forum/comment participant... it's always sad reading your fantastic/in-depth reviews and 'deep dives' of ten or more pages --- and go to the comments to read the first...
  15. sdifox

    Any android SMB 2.0 client?

    As we all know, SMB 1.0 is full of holes and should be disabled, which is what I did in my environment. However, I cannot find a single android SMB client capable of using 2.0 Anyone know of such beast?
  16. Cinkada

    Which is much more important? Android system 7 or 4G RAM?

    Or some suggested phones are welcomed. Thank you. :(
  17. R

    ES file explorer for snapchat

    I heard you can download/save snapchat photos with a file manager like es file explorer. I downloaded es file explorer. Can anyone give me a step by step on how to do this?
  18. B

    My OnePlus One heard a video I'm watching

    My android phone was on the desk next to me while I was listening to a calculus lecture on my desktop pc.. Suddenly, the phone screen lit up and displayed google chrome providing a search on "chain rule". I don't feel at all comfortable with my phone now. What is happening?
  19. F

    What the heck is "System Data" and how do you delete it?

    "It's part of the OS, dear boy. You can't delete it." No it isn't. It shows up in the DiskUsage app and is not part of the operating system. It takes 235 MB on my HTC one m8. It increases with time. A month ago it was only 40 MB. And DiskUsage won't let me delete it. And here the problem is...
  20. cesarrom

    Which peripheral keyboard is better?

    I'm traveling around my country for work reasons and I brought my tablet with me, so I can keep making documents and things like that. I just noticed that it is unconfortable for me to use the touch keyboard (just in time, I know :c ), so I was looking for an android keyboard here where I am, I...
  21. TurtleCrusher

    Debating which Android phone to get.

    Hello everyone. I just switched over my both of my iPhone 6 to MetroPCS from Sprint but during a sale I got two Samsung Galaxy on5 phones for free, which it turns out I really like the customization of Android again. Here is the spec page at GSMarena. It's a quad/1.3Ghz/a7 based/5"...
  22. B

    Text-to-Speech in the Android Kindle App

    I am having a hard time getting TTS working in the Android Kindle App (Moto G4 Plus, Marshmellow OS). I am new to the Kindle app on the phone (although I have used the Kindle Cloud reader a lot in the past). A number of friends noted the Kindle app has TTS and even the Google Play Store...