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Suggestion: Stop listening to iOS/macOS -Android/Win whining, & 'review' gear!


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Feb 19, 2014
I'm sorry, don't wanna come across as a jerk, but as a lurking 'member' of Anandtech for many years - and a relatively quiet forum/comment participant... it's always sad reading your fantastic/in-depth reviews and 'deep dives' of ten or more pages --- and go to the comments to read the first three or four dozen complain about Cupertino or Mt View bias.
It's gotten to the point I don't look at the comments and enjoy your commentary for what it is.

My hope is that the same has not become an issue/the same for you guys - the authors. I'm truly bored with keyboard reviews and NAND/SSD technical jargon that we won't see on consumer shelves for a while, and even more so because of the lack of - what I find - compelling write-ups on today's relevant consumer gadgets, just 'in-depth' - the anandtech.com approach we've known and loved for years!

Example - while the iPhone announcement in September, hands on later w/a promised 'deep dive' to come on the A10 Fusion SoC has never materialized.
I was also fascinated by the upgrades made to the QC 835 - but other than a couple of phones - and a bit of extra info is all we've seen. I can't remember if you did an Apple Watch 2 review or Gear 3 - I don't recall anything more than essentially opening day/Apple mentioned specifics on their 2016 or 2017 (near entire) makeovers and updates to their whole laptop line, AIO and updates to the iMac that are extraordinary! Updated processors, the new desktop OS, iOS updates and the refresh done with the iPads --- as you were the ones to find out it was the first 7nm fab'd SoC - and a couple benches on the pipe clearing part ...but no more on the iPad that's finally brought the one pound slab to the point they've wanted. A full on replacement to the lap or desktop computer ...especially w/the addition of iOS 11/and it's iPad heavy focus on UI - multi tasking and display technology...with an SoC that rivals LP Intel core processors and storage that rips faster than we've ever seen - along with storage capacity. None of that's been discussed.. and my hope, it's not reaction to the plethora of gomers w/o jobs or anything constructive to say/discuss other than 'all your work is are Apple Press releases and OS X/macOS, iOS biased crap!'
Cause they ain't your majority.... but as a father of a 12 year old, it reminds me of exactly how he talks/debates sometimes... and he's the audience that is intrigued by the latest in mech keyboards ;) (I'm sorry, but it's been there for a bit and daily I'm logging in to read something I find compelling;)) - and my concern... you're trying to appease a younger or less/(much more, in many cases) technical info for the item in review.

I don't mean to single Apple out, but any product of theirs garners the same two dozen idiots to stop feeding their spiders and jump on the staff screaming 'BIAS!' None of the rest of us care, and most will never respond, even register to comment, as you're aware by your visitor stats/unique, returning, registered, etc.

Windows has also been up to some cools stuff, as has Google - but the new iPad Pros are gems, with a Siri speaker on the way focusing on sonics rather than a chat partner - making them able to be a decent speaker system for media, TV, speaking with friends, etc. I've had my apple headphones for a couple months, IMHO, they're as cool as the original iPhone was, and nearly as game changing, for me, so far (especially, to sound like a broken record w/iOS 11's additional 'taps' for control!). macOS is now not only not blocking attempts to add external GPUs through thunderbolt, they're suggesting and actually providing the hardware and software/OS support necessary.
Windows Creative update, serious Galaxy S8 camera comparisons, and Rubin's new spin on the smartphone, or how about RED's? And their $1500 solution to making calls and 14K uncompressed 16bit video from the same device (embellished;))
I know it's a bit slow now as well, you have solicited new authors that maybe either haven't panned out or weren't good enough to make your 'cut'. All of which I completely understand. Hopefully it's not because the DBags in the forums given more than you're willing to take or even worse, they've made the impression on you which way the site should go ---- don't give those bozos a second thought and let's here about the A10/10x SoC. Let's see what you think of the new iPad, it's SoC, storage, radios and cameras, lets see a two pound laptop showdown between the MacBook, Surface & Lenovo Yodas lol --- No More Keyboards, power supplies or 50TB SSDs I won't see until 2020!