Question When will AM4 be cheapest?

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Apr 3, 2020
It seems as AM4 is replaced with AM5, AM4 cpus will hit a low point, and then the price will begin to climb again.

When will that low point be?

Will rumors of additional am4 CPUs effect this?:

Is AMD going to continue production of AM4 even after AM5 is on the market?
AMD will have N6 and N7 production at TSMC in Q1 2023. With N6 being used for Ryzen 6000 series, is it safe to speculate N7 is still producing AM4 parts?
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Apr 27, 2000
AM4 motherboards probably won't get much cheaper. Maybe x570 will, but everything else is probably sitting close to the bottom price we'll see in retail. Eventually you will be tapping the used market, probably by mid 2023. Just guessing, and we may see retail availability of AM4 persist for awhile . . . just don't be surprised if it's the boards that dry up first.

DDR4 availability should remain fairly high unless Hynix, Samsung, and Micron cease DDR4 IC production. Raptor Lake supports DDR4, after all. Prices will probably stay fixed.

AM4 CPU prices will decline after AM5 launches and again after Raptor Lake launches, at which point the prices will stagnate and then slowly rise on older high-end (Vermeer) CPUs.


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Jul 18, 2010
We now have R5 5600G for $132 on Amazon.

What I don't understand unless they are in high demand for mobile builds, is the $ 239 R7 5700G. Double the price almost.
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Sep 18, 2011
Dude, can you ever stay in the consensus-reality and post a reply that is on-topic and less than 200 lines of stream of babble?
Simplified w/o speculation logic:

AMD's cheapest yet newest AM4 processors will still be produced at GlobalFoundries.

Expanded w/ speculation/rumors/guh:
2018 to 1H2020: AMD/GF collaboration listed:
22FDX and 12LP+
22FDX => Replaces Stoney (RTO or NTO)
12LP+ => Replaces Raven2/Dali (RTO only (removal of doped fins))

2H2020-present: AMD/GF collaboration listed:
22FDX and 12FDX
22FDX => NTO replacing low-cost Chromebook (Under Mendocino+, possibly on AM4, but most likely to be CPU onboard/BGA)
12FDX => NTO replacing low-cost&low-tdp((low-tdp Renoir-X w/ small iGPU alternative)) 8c and less variants (Under Raphael+, likely to be on AM4, plus possibly being CPU onboard/BGA as well)

Given GF employee in-progress accomplishments:
22FDX product => Fab 1 (home) -> other GF fabs (second) // Capacity-limit will not be fixed till 2024 wafer starts begin.
12FDX product => Fab 8 (home) -> other GF fabs (second) // GF expanded work on 12FDX this year, so it is likely to launch sooner than later.

Lower cost of manufacturing(about $4000+ per wafer to less than ~$3000 per wafer) + shorter lead times(~6 -> ~3 months till wafer get) + higher performance(Frequency at given mm2) + lower power(Power at given mm2), etc.
~$4000(14nm) -> ~$3000(12FDX) :: trailing edge price
~$4000(14nm) -> ~$6000(6nm) -> ~$8000(4nm) :: trailing edge price
Of which AMD is likely to use the 10nm FEOL with 12nm BEOL high-perf variant: 64CPP+56Mx with high mobility straining.

Current news: Fab 8 has already begun sunsetting FinFETs for personal computing. PC on FinFET(complete reduction) is becoming RF on FinFET(2x capacity across the board).

PC on FinFET => PC on FDX (22FDX currently has more personal computing products in production)
AI on FinFET => AI on FDX (Same as above, AI on FinFET died)
RF on FinFET && RF on FDX are non-competitive (12RF(RF FinFET) and 22RF(RF FDX) are different markets:: Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 = RF FinFET and mmWave = RF FDX)

- CEA-Leti CEO => 12FDX && 10nm FDSOI;; May 2020
- GF CEO => 12FDX && 10nm FDSOI;; July 2021
- GF Employee => No 12LP improvement insert (Logic to RF focus) && 12FDX Product bring up, yield bring up, ramp up (FinFET to FDX focus);; February 2022
- US Incentive: ~$4B shared between 12RF and 12FDX
EU Incentive: ~$5B shared between 22FDX and 12FDX ;; 2022
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Mar 21, 2007
thread necro!:
We have lots of nice Ryzen 7000 headlines at the moment.

Question about a specific skew, a 5800x3d:

So I am looking at:

I see it was $400 back in August. It is $419 now. The question becomes, does it go up or down from here?
It was $385 at the Zen4 announcement. Interesting to see it go back up. I wonder if that had anything to do with Zen 4 motherboard pricing chasing people back to Zen 3.
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Aug 25, 2001
It was $385 at the Zen4 announcement. Interesting to see it go back up. I wonder if that had anything to do with Zen 4 motherboard pricing chasing people back to Zen 3.
Or Nvidia 4000-series demand, causing demand for "associated merchandise" (There's a specific economic term, for demand for one item causing an increased demand for an associated item), thus driving the prices of gaming-focused AM4 parts (CPUs, boards) upwards.
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