So what did you score on black friday?

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Nov 19, 2001
I hit 7 stores in 3 and a half hours and got everything I wanted with the exception of one item because I forgot about it when I was at the store and didn't feel like going back.

What I got:

Target (only store I waited in line in): various toys, 800 count King sized sheets ($19)
Home Depot - 6.5 ft lighted Xmas tree ($30 plus $30 Gift Card); 13 foot Gorilla ladder ($59); 20 piece Workshop screwdriver set ($5)
Lowes - 18v Cordless Drill and Radio Charger ($29); Extra 18v Battery ($12)
Kohls - 20 piece stainless steel cutlery set ($19)
Linens N Things - RoboRaptor ($49); Floor Speed Boxing bag and glove ($30)
GameStop - 3 Used XBox Games (buy 2 get 1 free $60); Ceasar IV - PC ($29)
JCPenney - Midway Classic 12-in-1 Stand up Arcade system ($310)

My wife hit Toys R Us before going to work: Robosapien ($29)


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Nov 7, 2003
Originally posted by: coolred
Originally posted by: Juice Box
I got a $999 projector (Hidef w/ DVD player built in) for $450 at circuit city. Waited 5 hours in the cold for it, but was well worth it! =D
Which one was that?
The Optoma movietime DV10 multimedia projector. Has a DVD player built into it, and supports up to 1080i inputs....awesome little player. Even came with a 96" Screen and subwoofer (projector has 5watt speakers built in, and the subwoofer will compliment them well) as part of the mail in rebate. Overall I am highly impressed, as are my roomates that use it non-stop :p


May 19, 2003
I indirectly scored 1.5GB of PC3200 for my desktop from someone who bought a laptop on Black Friday for 70 dollars. :D

I also got an LG Flatron 194WT monitor from Best Buy for 200. In my opinion, it physically looks better, and has a better picture quality than the 22" Westinghouse monitors. I really didn't need that huge a monitor anyway...though it would have been nice. :)


Oct 4, 2001
FAR 512 MB memory stick, EVGA MX4000 video card, Targus lapdesk, ipod speakers, DVD+R, candy cane and snowflake lawn ornaments, level, rotary tool, PCI DVD maker, tape measure
Matrix WS for 0.99, Grey's Anatomy Season 1 for $7.99, $40 messenger bag, $5 Wall to USB charger, $11 3-pack canned air
Samsung 50" Plasma HDTV for $1799


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Aug 23, 2003
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Black Friday deals are only hot if your time is worth nothing.
GF saved a bundle, $$$$ bucks, she waited for 6 hours. Ended up saving $1040 off BB'
s normal prices, and probably $750 off on-line prices. I know nobody personally who makes even close to that kind of money in 6 hours. And people who were there who got more then a couple items (she got 3) saved even more.

I mean it was 6 hours of sitting there drinking soda and chatting, was boring as hell but the end result was wonderful. And mind you we didn't really plan anything, just drove to a BB and waited.
Your experience was atypical. Plus, most areas of the country do not have warm weather on Black Friday.
Not really. I waited in line for 15 minutes at Home Depot, got the 2 garage door openers I wanted, saved $106. No line to check out.
Moved on to Staples. Got the 200GB drive reg $120 for $20. Picked up a FAR laminator and a FAR surge protector strip. Saved $151. No line to check out.
Went to CompUSA. Got the Memorex DVD+R printables reg. $29.99 for $10. Saved $20. No line to check out.

Went to Circuit City later in the day to pick up the stuff I ordered the day before, external dual-layer DVD burner $29.99 AR, some XBox 360 games, teaching calculator FAR, eletronics vacuum FAR. Saved $160 and no check out lines.

Saved over $400 and spent 2 1/2 hrs total out. Temp ranged from 49 in the early morning to 76 later on.

Black Friday deals are only hot if your time is worth nothing.
I hate to break it to you, but unless you are getting paid to do something else during the time you would have spent shopping, in which case you couldn't be shopping anyway, your time IS worth nothing, as is mine and everybody else's.
PWNED. I got 22 westies and some cheap dvd-r and a canon all in one printer. :) good enough for me.
Black Friday never has the best deals. It was true last year, it was true the year before, and it'll be true this year, too. Yes, Black Friday does offer big savings over normal prices (and even online prices), but Black Friday doesn't offer the biggest savings or the best deals.

A good rule of thumb: 'hot' deals are usually advertised, the 'hottest' deals rarely are.

Retailers are going to be at each others throats this year. Look for big advertised (and unadvertised) discounts in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

But kudos to you if you wanted to get all your shopping done in one day; Black Friday is probably the best day to do it.