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Republican commisioner doesn't want N****r-rigging

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Mar 12, 2003
I heard people using it when I worked in the north/mid-west including New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. True the term is heard more often in the south.
Same here, the word itself is thrown around without much thought as to what it means in many areas...Of course it is a fact that African-Americans/Black people are great designers and architects, and are the builders of Great nations wherever they live at.

And the man correcting himself by saying "Afro-Americanized" just proves that HIS point of reference by using the word was to say blacks do shitty work. He should be canned!


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Mar 18, 2005
Oh man, I've heard that term a million times here in Southern IL. Seems like the country talk slipped out at the wrong place/time. Its definitely an old saying that people his age still use.