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    While it is currently out of stock at one place I looked, the 2 socket Supermicro board is $539.
    Supermicro H11Dsi
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    Hmm, so while Coffee Lake starts to grab more money, AMD actually did quite well in november Mindfactory data (retail sales of CPUs in a largish German etailer). If you didn't read about this data before, see the previous posts page or two ago for context/caveats, please.
    (Data gathered and organised by Ingebor at Reddit)

    Unit share holding or slightly rising.

    The revenue share actually went a bit up. People bought the higher-priced SKUs more.


    P.S. My own tacking suggests that sales were mostly around the october level (1600-1650 Ryzens and TRs/week) through the month but spiked strongly (+100%) in the last week, with some small increase the weak prior. So the effect of "black friday" and Christmas sales is rather diluted in the data, so far. How that momentum carries into december, I dunno. I didn't look at Intel's sales so no idea if they also got such a jump in the last week.

    P.S.2 Seems that Coffee Lake sales rose, so the supply improved. But only slightly. Launch month had them sell 510 pieces of Core i7-8700K (large part sold/ordered the first day), november added 640 pieces. There was a substantial increase of i5-8400 from 60 to 330 pieces, but that is still a low number. For perspective, R7 1800X is 420/month and R5 1600 is 2700/month.
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    The 1950x is selling okey and for months. What you guys think its used for?
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    Well DC, and encoding are 2 things that come to mind. Also, its binned higher than the 1800X, and overclocks better IMO (I have both)
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    AMD (Ry)zen 2 will use AM4 socket
    James Prior reassured that AM4 socket is here to stay (till 2020). The work on Zen 2 has already begun when fundamental parts of Zen 1 were already known. The important thing here is to distinguish Zen 2 from Zen 1 tick-tock process. The upcoming Ryzen 2000 series are likely to use refined Zen+ architecture. A die shrink and architecture optimizations are to be expected. So the Ryzen 2, or more precisely Zen 2 might actually arrive with Ryzen 3000 series, while Ryzen 2000 (or Ryzen 1×50) will use refined Zen1/Zen+ 12nm process instead.

    If everything goes according to the plan, forward compatibility for Zen+ and Zen2 will be available with a simple BIOS flash on existing AM4 motherboards.
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