Networking Support thread for the unemployed: Spring 2014

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Feb 18, 2011

Web designer wanted for website redesign. Looking for html5 formats. This is a contract opportunity. Prob 2-3 months length. Does not have to be onsite but first few meetings should be onsite.

Office is in Stamford CT, exit 6 off I95.

Can use dreamweaver or build right out of joomla, etc. Will Take recommendations.

please PM for more info.


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Apr 15, 2007
Any Flash designers in the Bay Area looking for some contract work with the possibility of the contract work being reoccurring?

Mainly converting, merging, and updating several Flash apps to a new UI (4:3 to 16:9, ext.) and incorporate multitouch gestures.

Some work may be 'off hours' as some artwork is being produced out of my India office.

I really don't care when the work gets done (IE work all night/sleep all day I couldn't' care less) as long as it is on time and on budget.

PM me hourly rates.


Dec 27, 2001
My company is in need of a program written to run on Verifone credit card terminals.

Experience is a must. If you do well with this, the president has thoughts on a long term relationship.

I am in Michigan but you do not need to be local. Pay will be very fair.

Please PM me for details.

Still looking for help on this.


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Nov 16, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa:

"Iowa’s capital city has a strong foothold in finance and insurance with the highest concentration of financial services employment in the country, and employers are doubling down on the area. Wells Fargo has added more than 4,000 jobs in Des Moines over the past 10 years and recently announced a new $100 million expansion in the area. Principal Financial, headquartered in Des Moines, is putting $250 million into an expansion of its downtown campus.

Facebook announced plans in April to invest $300 million to build its fourth owned and operated data center. The facility in Altoona, part of the Des Moines metropolitan statistical area, is expected to be up and running by the end of next year. Microsoft is investing $678 million to expand its existing state-of-the-art data center in West Des Moines, which opened in 2009. A big carrot in Iowa for data centers and other businesses with heavy energy usage: Energy costs are 22% below the national average, according to Moody’s Analytics."

"Computer programmers

Under the Affordable Care Act, doctors and hospitals must use electronic medical records, but taking their old paper system into the digital age is a giant technological construction project. “You need an army of programmers to put these things together,” says Osborne, of Staffing Industry Analysts. Indeed, the number of medical records and health information technicians employed in the U.S. has grown 7% to more than 182,000 since 2009, before the ACA was enacted, according to BLS data. Employment in other occupations, meanwhile, decreased or stayed flat during the same period, Osborne says. Computer-related jobs in health care have grown more than 30% in the past five years, although they still represent less than 1% of all health care jobs, Turner says.

Employers will also have to build new electronic systems to report the costs of their employees’ health coverage to the government, although they will have more time to do it, since the ACA 2014 deadline has been extended. The enormous task may be over the head of many companies’ in-house IT departments, so benefits and payroll firms are hiring their own engineers to create tools for their clients."
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Nov 16, 2004
Engadget is hiring:

other Bay Area companies:


Linked In:



I also remember a quite a while ago reading that Samsung was opening an innovation center to compete with Apple somewhere in that area, too (e. g.
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Apr 13, 2013


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Nov 10, 2009
We are currently looking for an entry level IT Tech that will be based out of Austin/San Antonio and supporting users primarily in those cities. Tech will be traveling between cities each week and visiting satellite locations in each city for support as needed.

You'd be working with hardware, Windows 7, servers eventually, printers etc.

PM me if interested and I can give you some more specifics.


Dec 27, 2001
I am currently studying both programming and HIT. The EHR software situation is ridiculously bad. I'm studying all of the guidelines and learning what is needed and will be in that market BUT gotta find something to pay bills. I sure wish I could find an IT position like afternoons/evenings and weekends

Do you have any real world experience?

I'm in Grand Rapids and promises might be able to hel0


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Sep 13, 2001
company i work for is looking for software developers of all experience ranges. company is located in the columbia, md area as well as northern, va. they have great pay and offer the best benefits i've ever had at a job. pm me if interested i can give you more details.

still looking for good people. we've turned down quite a few recently just looking for that right fit!


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Jan 4, 2006
The company I work for SevOne (based in Wilmington, DE) is hiring for quite a few positions see the list below or check out:

About SevOne:
SevOne provides the world's fastest, most scalable network and IT management, monitoring, and reporting platform, delivered as an all-in-one solution, to help you detect and avoid performance events before they impact your business.

Project Manager - Professional Services
Systems Engineer - Professional Services
IT Manager
Senior Systems Programmer
Product Marketing Manager
Payroll Specialist
Product Manager (SaaS)
Administrative Assistant
Web Applications Architect
Inside Sales Representative - Software / Technology
Solution Engineer - Profesional Services
Software Engineer - Web Developer
Software Engineer - Systems Programmer
Sales Engineer - Mid-market
Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst
Product Support Engineer
Operations Analyst Production
Software Engineer - Web Developer
In-House Technical Recruiter
Software Engineer - Systems Programmer
Business Development Representative
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Nov 16, 2004
"With the impending release of iTunes Radio, Apple is preparing for its entry into the world of streaming music by expanding its iAd division. Apple currently has three positions open on their official jobs board for the iAd devision, all in the design field.

And those are just the jobs on their official job board. As reported by Ad Age earlier today, Apple has posted a plethora of openings on LinkedIn, looking for professionals in a wide range of fields. Business analysts, producers, build and release engineers, program managers, creative design managers, and account coordinators are all being sought in the 31 current job listings for iAd Apple over at LinkedIn."
"Apple is on a hiring binge as it scales its iAd team in anticipation of its Sep. 10., release of iTunes radio, its ad-supported streaming music service.

Apple had posted five iAd-related jobs to its own job board and another 35 to LinkedIn just in the month of August as of Friday. The openings are for a variety of jobs including account coordinators, ad design managers, project managers and engineers who will create new rich media ads for iAd.

In addition, Apple appears to be hiring ad execs with creative experience to help brands and agencies create better ads for its expanding iAd advertising network. When Apple launched its iAd mobile ad network in 2010 it exerted tight control over the creative to ensure that the content of the ads matched the look and feel of Apple products. With iTunes Radio and the introduction of audio and video ads to iAd, Apple is scaling up its iAd to accommodate the new ad formats."

edit #1: Challenger, Gray, & Christmas layoff report

- August data about which industries and regions have highest new announced layoffs

- (from comments I heard on tv, Cisco's job cuts were removal of redundant middle management because of all the acquisitions Cisco made in last year; outlook for company itself is apparently very good going forward, but John Chambers may have had to take on dour tone so not to seem so tone deaf to people he had to let go)

edit #2:
"The growth of the [index] in recent months suggests that employment is likely to moderately expand through the fall," said Gad Levanon, director of macroeconomic research at the board. "The rapid job growth in the first half of 2013 was faster than we had expected given weak economic activity and only moderate improvement in the ETI. The slowing down of employment in the past two months brings the six-month trend to a more sustainable rate."

The board said seven of the ETI's eight components contributed to the August increase. The biggest positives were the ratio of involuntary part-timers to all part-timers and the percentage of respondents who say jobs are "hard to get."
"While details of the survey were fairly mixed, key indicators such as planned hiring, capital spending, inventory accumulation and sales all advanced in August, suggesting an improvement in sentiment in the months ahead.

"Capital spending and inventory investment plans increased as well, all activities that would put some energy into GDP (gross domestic product) growth," the NFIB said in a statement.

That would fit in with expectations of an acceleration in activity in the second half of the year, though growth slowed somewhat early in the third quarter. The economy grew at a 1.8 percent annual rate in the first half of the year.

There was a big increase in job creation plans, which jumped to levels last seen in January 2007, a positive sign for the labor market amid signs of a slowing in job growth trend.

However, the share of firms reporting they could not find suitable candidates to fill open positions fell."
"What the sentiment surveys are telling us is that we are on the cusp of a meaningful acceleration, whether that happens at the tail end of the third quarter or at the start of the fourth quarter, we don't know just yet," said Millan Mulraine, senior economist at TD Securities in New York.

"If you look at the ISM, it's saying it's happening now. If you look at the NFIB, it's saying it's likely to happen within the next two or three months."

Economists say the bullish surveys, especially the ISM August manufacturing survey that showed the sector growing at its strongest pace in two years, would suggest growth at an annual pace of at least 3 percent this quarter. The ISM manufacturing index is closely correlated with gross domestic product."


"Adding to the brightening labor market picture, the NFIB survey showed hiring intentions by small business owners in August rising to levels last seen in January 2007.

While first-time applications for state unemployment benefits are not a leading indicator of employment, they have been hovering at pre-recession levels. Yet, employment growth in August came in below Wall Street's expectations.

"It really did not line up well with August payrolls, so perhaps we will get a big jump in September payroll jobs," said Anderson.

Not everyone, however, is convinced...."
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Feb 24, 2006
Anyone in Central California need a network engineer? I have a CCNP and quite a bit of experience in the Service Provider and VoIP markets. Strong skills with MPLS (from the SP perspective.) Currently employed, but looking for something new.


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Nov 16, 2004
Just saw this company mentioned on tv (Viasat - satellite internet company trying to increase speed of internet access on airliners) and their website advertises job openings that are apparently targeted specifically at new graduates):

Hardware Engineering
Depending on location, our new grad hardware engineering positions typically include various digital electronic circuit design, MMIC design, RF design, and systems test positions.

Software Engineering
Many of our communications products are driven by complex embedded software. Our software positions often include opportunities for real time embedded software and firmware design and system level software engineers.

Test Engineering
In developing critical communication systems for commercial and government applications, the design of complete and thorough test systems for each product is essential. We need new grads wanting to specialize in test engineering with career advancement opportunities in system design and test.

As our business grows, opportunities arise for new grads in other areas of our company in addition to engineering. Finance and accounting is one of the areas where we actively recruit new grads.

With a large product base shipping to countries around the world, ViaSat has opportunities for new grads in operations program management, procurement and supply chain, and test and support."

(Phoenix, AZ; Carlsbad, CA; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA: Marlborough, MA; Quincy, MA; Germantown, MD; Cleveland, OH list new grad opportunities) (type in keyword "new grad"; looks like they've added internships, too)

Semiconductor Foundry Jobs in upstate New York?:
"If you're on Twitter, then keep up with Global Foundries. They're building something huge in upstate New York, and they're hiring an assload of people. They post job openings on their Twitter, and there are many, many postings on their Web site. They need people. Pretty much all the places need GOOD people. It's a good industry."

Amazon Hiring 500 Full Time at Chester, VA warehouse (south of Richmond)
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May 5, 2007
I worked at Viasat as an RF intern two summers ago in their Phoenix location, and it's a pretty nice place to work and everyone was very helpful


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Aug 2, 2006
I have a position open in downtown Austin on my team for a junior to mid-level linux sysadmin who's sound on the fundamentals of linux administration (preferably with some experience with DNS, IPtables, Postfix, etc.) and understands how to keep a production environment up and secure. The only other requirement is some level of experience with a configuration automation tool like Puppet, Chef, or Salt (this does not need to be extensive experience... installing it at home and playing around is sufficient). This position will be responsible for working with me to automate the deployment of systems, systems updates, and application/webservers through the configuration management tool. We're a smaller company downtown with 60-70 employees and have been around for about 7 years now. Please PM for more info.


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Sep 21, 2013
Greetings everyone,

I'm a DIY enthusiast who is seemingly stuck in a position at a grocery store in the relative technology wasteland that is the South East Texas coast (Freeport area roughly 50 miles south of Houston). I've got an associate of arts (general studies) and am 18 hours away from finishing my Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a dual minor of Political Science / History from Sam Houston State University(Former history major before the market crashed and the teaching jobs went up in smoke). The rest of the hours will be completed online so I can now work full time but I have no interest being caught in the trap that is process plant work.

My problem is that the only surviving PC shop down here is in a hiring freeze for anyone that isn't a family friend of theirs. Does anyone know of any positions or where I could go to find positions for a technology minded person with a strong work ethic? I am 23, clean cut, no tattoos/piercings, no drugs/drinking, and no police history outside of a speeding ticket. I've held a job continually since I've been legal to work at age 16(part time jobs/usual college student work). I don't really want to identify myself further than that for work history.

holden j caufield

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Dec 30, 1999
relative I know is looking for accountant type work in Orange County, CA. Honest, reliable and over 30 years of experience. Has worked for the US government and has passed security clearance, her job has moved 2000 miles away and she doesn't want to relocate. Thanks


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Nov 16, 2004
Carmax hiring over 1,000 nationwide:

"Automotive retailer CarMax Inc. said Monday that it plans to hire an additional 1,000 employees nationwide, including 65 in the Richmond area.

Of the local jobs, 50 will be across multiple departments at the company’s corporate headquarters in Goochland County, and 15 will be at the chain’s two area stores, spokeswoman Michelle Topping Ellwood said.

Most of the jobs in the retailer’s two area stores — on Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield County and on West Broad Street in western Henrico County — are service jobs for detailers and experienced technicians.

CarMax also plans to hire an additional 35 workers at stores elsewhere in Virginia, she said.

The added jobs nationwide will increase CarMax’s workforce by more than 5 percent. The used-car giant has between 18,000 and 19,000 employees, Ellwood said.

The jobs are permanent positions, and a “huge majority of these positions are full-time,” she said.

“While many retailers are hiring individuals for the busy holiday season, we are looking for candidates who are ready to start their career at CarMax,” Ellwood said.

CarMax President and CEO Tom Folliard said in a statement that the company places “a strong focus on providing developmental opportunities for everyone in the company, and on taking care of our associates by offering a healthy work-life balance and excellent benefits.”

Fortune magazine has rated CarMax one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” for nine straight years.

The company said the new positions include sales jobs and positions in purchasing and in the company’s business office.

CarMax, which opened its first store 20 years ago this month on West Broad Street, accepts job applications online only at

This is the third major hiring push CarMax has made since late 2010.

In November 2010, the company announced that it was hiring about 1,200 people. In January 2012, the company said it planned to hire 965 people.

But in October 2008, the company had to cut its workforce by 610 employees in the midst of the economic downturn that saw sales sag throughout the auto industry.

The chain, the nation’s largest retailer of used vehicles, has bounced back. At its annual meeting in June, Folliard announced plans to expand to 150 stores in 30 states by early 2016. The company now has 123 stores in 61 markets.

CarMax’s revenue for the fiscal year that ended Feb. 28 grew 9.6 percent to $10.96 billion from $10 billion the previous year. Profit grew 5 percent to $434.3 million from $413.8 million.

Market areas in Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas have many job openings, according to the company."


IIRC, last year starting around this time, retailers started announcing seasonal hiring plans. Pay in their distribution centers for online sales might be higher than standard sales clerk in bricks and mortar retail store (I think Toys R Us uses their bricks and mortar retail stores as their distribution centers also, so their distribution center jobs might also be located in their retail stores). TJMaxx and HomeGoods might be positioned to do well this season (they bought up all of the items regular retailers couldn't sell earlier in year at discount prices, so perhaps they are hiring more seasonal workers than retailers that aren't doing well such as teen retailers). Dollar Stores might also be taking share from Walmart. And if more people continue to buy online, then Amazon (, Fedex, and UPS might be hiring more seasonal workers, too.

Toys R Us:
"At Toys R Us, hiring begins this week and runs through December. About 15 percent of the jobs in 2012 lead to full-time employment.

Overall holiday hiring is expected to be relatively flat because of cautious consumer spending and uncertainty about the economic environment. Employer consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. estimates that overall seasonal hiring will not change significantly from last year's total, when hiring rose 14 percent to 751,800 positions between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31.

Wal-Mart Stores said Monday it is hiring 55,000 seasonal workers and is elevating 35,000 temporary workers to part-time status and 35,000 part-time workers to full-time jobs.

Target Corp. said last week it plans to hire 70,000 workers, a 20 percent drop from a year ago, as it tries to be more efficient in its hiring practices. And department-store operator Kohl's Corp. said last week that it plans to hire about 53,000 seasonal workers for the holiday season, slightly more than last year."

Macy's / Bloomingdale's /Kohl's / Gamestop seasonal hiring

Initial Jobless Claims:
"The best indicator of the monthly employment report is weekly jobless claims,'' Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi economist Chris Rupkey wrote in a note to clients. "It looks like the labor market kicked it up a notch in September. We will see what the monthly jobs report says next Friday, but 305,000 means a monster jobs number is out there on the horizon somewhere. It's coming. Bigger than 200,000 or a big 0.2 percentage point drop in the unemployment rate."
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Jan 22, 2006
So I'm asking on behalf of my Fiance. We live in SF and she has been applying for all sorts of jobs up here but neither of us have a very strong professional network here at this point. She is getting very discouraged because she gets phone interviews and in person interviews for positions but they never come through. So I wanted to reach out to the Bay area residents of Anandtech and see what they might have for her.

She has 2 bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Biology plus a minor in statics. She has a strong desire to have a positive effect on the world, and her resume is stacked with leadership positions from student government and clubs.

As you can probably guess, she isn't an IT person, but we are grabbing at straws at this point, so if anyone in the Bay Area has a company looking for non-IT related roles, shoot me a PM and I can connect you guys.

Obviously I'm a bit bias, but this girl is a fantastic worker, and has some great references and experience. We are completely confused why she hasn't been able to find something in one of the best places to find a job.


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Sep 25, 2013
PROGRAM MANAGER Immediate need for an individual that has successfully completed an implementation and training for an ERP system in a Manufacturing facility (this is a must have item). This is a permanent position (no request for consultant status please) for a person capable of ownership of a new implementation in a small (99 employee) facility. This system is Oracle based. Once implementation is functional at this facility this person will provide leadership for implementation at their sister facilities in Canada and Mexico. Upon completion of system start up this person will work in the capacity of PROGRAM MANAGER, responsible for maintenance of System and tracking status on ALL production status activity from launch to shipment. A project status tool such as MicroSoft Project will be used to compose reports Management. This position will report directly to the VP of Manufacturing and VP of Finance. Flat organization so this position is very visible. If interested please send resume and salary requirements. The software package has been purchased, a consultant has been hired, now we need a permanent staff person to come on board. Immediate opening for qualified candidate


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Feb 13, 2001
I was contacted this morning about two openings in Pompano Beach, FL. Long Term Contracts

I wanted to reach out and see if you might be able to assist me. I have a client in the healthcare industry that has a few immediate hiring needs at their Pompano Beach location. They are looking to bring on both a Senior and Mid-level Network Engineer for a long-term contract. Candidates for the senior role are required to have Nexus experience. These roles will involve ensuring the stability and integrity of the company’s data, video, VoIP and wireless network services. I was curious to see if you knew someone in your professional network that could have interest in either of these roles. As a “Thank You”, my company offers a referral bonus. Thanks again for your time.


Casey Gillespie
Technical Recruiter
The CSI Companies


Nov 3, 2009

Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) is the provider of campus-wide computing, networking, telephone, and instructional technology services supporting academic activities of faculty, staff, and students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
CITES has an opening for a Network Service Engineer or Senior Network Service Engineer who will provide research, design, support, guidance, and problem resolution for a locally developed suite of network administration software tools as well as RADIUS and DNS/DHCP/IPAM services. This grouping is locally referenced as network services. Experience with networking, these or similar services, support of these or similar services, or experience in a combination of these areas is required. This position works closely with application developers and network engineers. Candidates for this position should enjoy working with people, and have a desire to learn new technologies and how to integrate them with existing infrastructure. This position provides the opportunity to support a diverse user-base, and provides interesting challenges based on size, scale and scope of services.


• Applies researched and proven methodologies to the services they support to provide continual support to the subscribers of the Illinois network covering the three University of Illinois campuses.
• Provide ongoing maintenance and support to existing network services, including Category 1 services. This includes standard service changes, troubleshooting, fault isolation, implementation of corrective actions.
• Perform work of limited to medium/large scope and anticipated impact to subscribers of the network.
• Identifies, troubleshoots and resolves simple to complex service issues efficiently.
• Perform scripting to build or modify tools that support network services.
• Work with campus to ensure that current services are meeting needs and assess services when campus needs change.
• Evaluate new technologies as it pertains to relevant services.
• Provides significant planning and direction for the services under their control.
• Meet regularly with stakeholders to ensure network services are optimized for maximum utilization.
• Guide and collaborate with campus working groups to expand network service portfolio.
• Works directly with the vendor to obtain system updates, patches, and problem resolution and feature requests.
• Provide service direction to applications support, including Host Manager.
• Lead strategic planning cycle and manage the lifecycle of services under management.
• Provide and/or approve training and documentation for respective services.
• Provide reports, analyses, data and information and recommendations to the CITES management team.
• Provide effective collaboration with other CITES teams related to current or future services
• Facilitate knowledge-sharing for CITES staff.
• Ensure excellent Customer Service throughout the Networking group, CITES and campus community.
• Provide resolution to service and client satisfaction issues.
• Act as an advocate for CITES clients in service planning and deployment across the organization.


• Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in Computer Science or related area.
• 3 years experience with one or more network services, like but not limited to DNS, DHCP, Proxy Services, SSL Certificates, etc.
• Demonstrated experience troubleshooting network services, including isolating faults and developing workarounds/repairs.
• Demonstrated system administration ability.
• User level capability on Unix or Linux based systems.
• Demonstrated scripting ability.
• Ability to communicate functional requirements to application developers.
• Ability to work non-traditional hours and to respond to on-call requests to provide 24 x 7 service availability.
• Demonstrated ability in effective communication and collaboration in a high performance team environment.
• Experience contributing to diverse, cross-functional teams.
• Demonstrated commitment to customer service

• Knowledge of networking concepts
• Knowledge of relational databases, like MySQL

• Minimum of five years of extensive experience troubleshooting or supporting network services, including isolating faults and developing workarounds/repairs.
• Experience contributing to and leading diverse, cross-functional teams.
• Demonstrated programming ability

• Intermediate knowledge of networking concepts
• Intermediate knowledge of relational databases, like MySQL


• Working knowledge of Unix system administration.
• Understanding of Web server administration.
• Working knowledge of networking concepts
• Understanding of relational databases, like MySQL.
• Project coordination techniques
• Understanding of common enhanced network services, like CCTV, Streaming Media, or Service Management Systems (Pinnacle).
• Basic understanding of SNMP to qualify for Senior level.
• Working knowledge of DNS
• Working knowledge of DHCP

This position is a regular, full-time, twelve-month academic professional appointment and includes salary and a benefits package (24 vacation days, 12 sick days, health, dental, vision, SURS retirement). For other University provided benefits, please go to: Start date is as soon as possible after the closing date. Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. There will be no relocation costs included in this package. Applicants should have a current, valid legal authorization to work in the United States.

For full consideration, applications should be received by October 16, 2013. Please create a candidate profile at and upload a combined package of materials in one file – PDF preferred (letter of application, resume, and the names/addresses/telephone/email of three professional references). The online application will require the names and contact information for the three professional references. Employment requires three letters of recommendation and a criminal background check for the finalist. For further information about this position, please contact Rhonda Miller at or call (217) 333-4222.
Illinois is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer who welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas who embrace and value diversity and inclusivity. (


aka Brandon
Jul 18, 2004
This came through my inbox today... need a new computer tech in NW Indiana:

If you know of someone who may be interested in applying for the current vacancy within the Computer Technician group, please feel free to forward his/her resume to me.

Some of the requirements of the position are as follows:

• general knowledge of computer hardware and managing a computer system
• general knowledge of concepts: computer programming, connectivity and networking, electrical and electronic components, relational databases
• must be able to recognize and write basic VMS and/or UNIX commands
• general knowledge of networking and peripherals
• general knowledge of programming and databases

Qualified referrals only, please. The successful candidate must also pass the Computer Technician entrance examination.

Note: beginning tomorrow afternoon, this job will also posted externally with Work One (via, under Job Order # 8559168.
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