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Networking Support thread for the unemployed: Spring 2014

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Nov 16, 2004
IBM has over 2500 job openings spread across United States: https://jobs3.netmedia1.com/cp/find.ibm.jobs/location/USA/ (vs. http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2277109)

SalesForce.com: http://www.salesforce.com/careers/main/ (fast growing cloud computing company; their video says you might even be able to work from home)

(Looks like IBM is trying to make some push into cloud computing to compete with Amazon Web Services: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444083304578018843577451404.html)

Skilled Factory Worker Apprenticeships: (Siemens and others in Charlotte, NC local area)

- http://www.npr.org/2012/07/26/157033600/bypassing-college-dreams-a-different-road-to-work

- http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/print-edition/2011/06/17/a-big-investment-in-youth.html?page=all

- http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/23/gps-job-special-putting-america-to-work/

- http://apprenticeship2000.com/

General Electric
- industrial conglomerate
- 1800 plus job openings spread across many states in US
- http://jobs.gecareers.com/
"General Electric is a diversified manufacturer and is organized into four segments: technology infrastructure, energy infrastructure, home and business services, and capital services."

Walt Disney Company

- company seems to be doing really good business (raising prices at parks and still seeing tremendous number of customers still come to parks http://www.cnbc.com/id/48557316), so presumably they are hiring
- http://disneycareers.com/en/default/
"Disney owns the rights to some of the most famous characters ever created, including Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. These characters and others are featured in several theme parks Disney owns or licenses around the world. Disney makes live-action and animated films under several labels and owns ABC, Disney Channel, and ESPN. Disney also owns a 42.5% stake in A&E, The History Channel, and Lifetime Networks. The company generates about 25% of its sales from outside the United States."

General Motors to hire up to 10,000 computer IT workers in next 3 - 5 years:

- http://bottomline.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/08/14299378-gm-now-hiring-10000-information-technology-workers?lite

- http://careers.gm.com/career-tracks/technical/information-technology.html

- Nissan was looking for 50 engineers: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120809/AUTO0104/208090426 & http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000114536&play=1

Member JoshSquall says his company is usually hiring Sharepoint Developers in this thread: http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2279115

Employment, Wages, and Prices

"Employment conditions were little changed since the last report. The Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Dallas Districts indicated that employment levels were flat or up slightly, with stagnant demand and uncertainty related to the upcoming presidential election, U.S. fiscal policy, and European debt issues cited by some as restraining hiring. The New York and Chicago Districts noted weaker labor market conditions, and conditions were described as mixed in Richmond. Firms in the St. Louis District reported an increase in hiring plans. Several Districts continued to report that employers were having difficulty filling highly skilled positions. In response, a few Districts noted that firms were starting to increase training programs to meet their staffing needs.

Most Districts reported that wage pressures remained modest since the last report, though an increase in the cost of employee medical benefits was noted in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Chicago. To the extent that wage increases were observed, they were concentrated among highly skilled workers in information technology, health care, professional services, and some of the skilled trades, according to reports from the Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and San Francisco Districts.

Price pressures were said to be contained as most Districts reported that both finished goods and input prices were little changed since the last report. Higher prices were cited by some Districts for agricultural commodities and petroleum-based products, although low or declining natural gas prices were reported in the Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco Districts. Contacts in the Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, and Dallas Districts noted that drought conditions continued to result in higher feed prices. There were scattered reports of higher crop prices starting to show through to food prices at the consumer level. Atlanta reported an increase in corn and soybean prices, while Chicago and Kansas City reported that these prices declined somewhat. Slightly lower prices for some technology-related products were reported in the San Francisco District."


"Information technology workers averaged a 4.5% increase in pay over the past 12 months. In places like Seattle, "there has been an almost crazy demand for IT workers," said Bardaro. "

Bakken Shale in North Dakota
: http://money.cnn.com/2011/09/28/pf/north_dakota_jobs/index.htm?iid=EL

Off-Shore Oil Rigs: http://news.yahoo.com/lonely-hard-oil-rigs-salaries-soaring-210944273--finance.html

Chesapeake Energy apparently doing some drilling around Canton, OH

Hot Single Family Home Construction Markets:


Odd Lot Jobs

"The model is similar at all of the sites, though: Consumers are offered a variety of odd jobs for varying amounts. Among the current offerings: $35 to test the customer service experience at a national retailer, $4 to photograph a restaurant's menu or $29 to stand in line at a popular BBQ joint in Austin and deliver the food to an office."

"Many businesses — big and small — post micro-projects through a free iPhone app called Gigwalk (an Android version is in the works).

A national retailer or restaurant chain, for example, might need someone in your town to mystery shop or dine at a local outlet and evaluate the experience. An automaker may need to know what a new parking garage in your town charges so the data can be added to in-car navigation systems.

It's important for companies to get these micro-jobs done, but it makes no financial sense to assign them to full- or part-time employees.

Many Gigwalk jobs involve photographing businesses or product displays in stores. It's how Microsoft is gathering the thousands of panoramic photos it needs for its Bing search engine.

You don't necessarily need to invest in expensive camera gear — the iPhone's camera is good enough for most vendors. A few jobs might require DSLR-quality photos.

Once registered with Gigwalk, you're notified of tasks that come up in your city. You compete with other Gigwalkers and "apply" for gigs with a 140-character message.

As a newbie, you'll make $10 or less for many tasks. But as your reputation and positive feedback snowballs, you're shown increasingly lucrative jobs of $50 or more. The money can really add up if you tackle several tasks a day.

Some companies invite experienced and reliable Gigwalkers to private teams, which is sort of like becoming a regular freelancer.

TaskRabbit is another popular micro-job platform. Currently serving a dozen major cities in the U.S., TaskRabbit started out as a safe way for homeowners to get help with odd jobs like house cleaning, pet sitting and assembling Ikea furniture.

TaskRabbits must pass a screening process that includes a video interview and a thorough background check. Many TaskRabbits are college students, retirees and moms.

A lot of businesses owners have discovered that TaskRabbit is also a great way to find on-demand virtual assistants, event staff and delivery drivers. Bakery shops and other boutique retailers often need extra help to handle holiday orders. But they don't have the time or resources to find qualified temporary workers."

Extra Income for Teachers?:

- http://finance.yahoo.com/news/teachers-money-selling-materials-online-090533341.html

Survey of Top 50 Global Companies to Work For (business and engineering):

- http://www.universumglobal.com/stored-images/d1/d1ab7acf-1f7c-4cc0-9dba-edef590321a5.pdf

Colleges Help Students Scrub Online Footprints: http://news.yahoo.com/colleges-help-students-scrub-online-footprints-184052483.html

Resume and Cover Letter Critiques:
- http://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-arent-getting-job-interviews-145616570.html

Starting Salaries Rising for New Graduates:
- http://money.cnn.com/2013/01/10/pf/college/graduate-salaries/index.html?source=yahoo_hosted

Stepping back and looking at where industries that might still be growing vs. those that are downsizing, things that come to mind are:

- with President Obama's re-election, some states that refused to prepare to implement state health insurance exchanges (I think an alpha or beta type test platform is supposed to be in place earlier next year or generic federal template is put in place) might be scrambling to hire to build that out now, and maybe something like health insurance companies / HMOs / etc. etc. might build out in anticipation of new customers

- some tech companies who had their growth levered to Europe might be pulling back or downsizing

- defense industry probably going to pull back even without budget sequestration as government probably going to gently try and eliminate some waste and excess profit

- and obviously finance industry has not been doing well for some time and probably continuing to shed jobs

- oil and gas exploration (fracking) is probably poised for explosive growth, and construction seems to be coming back slowly

So, if you have some career or geographic flexibility, probably good to think about regions of country and specific industries that will continue to grow, and which will stagnant or even significantly downsize going forward

edit: Member Sactoking (http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2255509 ) regarding state health insurance exchanges:
"The situation isn't as dire as portrayed for the simple fact that those in the media haven't a single collective clue about what is going on.

Technically, states have to have a Declaration Letter and Blueprint submitted by Friday the 16th. The Letter will declare the state's intent to set up a state-based exchange, a regional exchange, a partnership exchange, or do nothing. The Blueprint will be a technical implementation outline of how the proposed exchange will function.

Submitting a Declaration Letter buy the 16th is no problem: "Dear Secretary Sebelius, the State of ___________ elects ____________. Sincerely, Governor _____________".

The Blueprint is the tricky part, and that's the part that a state will be scrambling to finish in time. I mean, how do you decide upon and write a procedure for implementing a 2000 page law (as amended) in 5 business days? But here's the trick: you don't have to.

You see, since HHS/CCIIO is either completely incompetent or is willfully withholding information at the order of the administration, there are no regulatory rules detailing the specific requirements for programs that need to be outlined in the Blueprint. Additionally, many states will require their own enabling legislation and not every legislature meets year-round, or even every year.

The result is that states have been instructed that if they want something other than a federal exchange they must submit a blueprint but that blueprint need not contain anything more than a general outline of the proposed exchange. It will be possible, for all intents and purposes, to submit a Blueprint that says: "Sec. 8a- Navigators: Yeah we intend to have them. Sec. 12q- Risk Adjustment: Umm, we will handle the risk adjustment program".

Given that, no exchange should be "scrambling"; the Blueprint submission process has been defined by HHS/CCIIO to be a joke and states may treat it as such."

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Feb 16, 2003
If anyone sees something at Nationwide Insurance, drop me a message. I know we have a sizable IT department and so that might be something to check out online. (Use our website's career listings to find an open request - I'm not in IT and so am not up to date on their positions)


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Mar 9, 2011
Looking for an entry level IT position(Atlanta, south of I-20). I have a CCNA, but no relevant work experience, so something like helpdesk or network operations seems like the best place to start.


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Feb 13, 2001
Looking for an entry level IT position(Atlanta, south of I-20). I have a CCNA, but no relevant work experience, so something like helpdesk or network operations seems like the best place to start.
Those are good places to start, but don't get locked down as support vs engineering.
Dec 26, 2007
We are looking for an entry level windows server guy (2k3, 2k3 R2, 2k8, 2k8 R2). This is in NE Ohio, and is for a mid size company. If you're interested in more let me know.

-I was hired in for networking admin stuff and it's a great place for a first "real" job after college. Decent pay and benefits. Tons of experience to be gained to boot for you to build on.
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Sep 11, 2005
We hired a few software developers, but we're looking for two more; one in Philly, one in Boston. We do primarily GIS (mapping, Geospatial analysis) work. PM me for more info if you're interested.


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Mar 22, 2000
If you are a state worker in the Sacramento area and know what the current situation is with state jobs in the area, I'd appreciate if you could share some information. Are they still cutting jobs? I work in tech, in the private sector, and was wondering what the current prospects are to land a computer-related position with the state. What things can be done to increase your chances of getting interviewed and hired? Thanks in advance if you happen to be knowledgeable in these areas.
Dec 26, 2007
Here is my company posting for Server Admin. Send me a PM if interested.

Systems Administrator

Posted 11/12/12

The Systems Administrator supports a Windows environment by identifying server requirements, installing upgrades, and monitoring server performance and applications. The Systems Administrator may also be required to assist the help desk (IT support) with high-priority issues.

Key Responsibilities
Maintain Windows servers and applications
Analyze users' needs, functions, information, and security requirements
Maintain SAN technologies and implementations, including iSC SI and Fiber Channel
Evaluate Windows environment performance issues, including availability and utilization
Plan and execute the selection, installation, configuration, and testing of equipment
Define server policies and procedures
Establish connections and firewalls
Maintain VMware through monitoring and analysis, troubleshooting problems, and communicating with the software vendor
Maintain Microsoft Exchange, including connectivity and access on mobile devices
Perform systems upgrades by evaluating, testing, and installing enhancements
Work with Microsoft Active Directory, Group Policy, and scripting
Follow change control policies, including testing, work flow, and quality control
Accomplish organization goals by taking on new and different requests

Associate's degree in Information Systems or a related field preferred
Familiarity with:
Windows servers
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Group Policy
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Exchange
Mobile devices
Server back-up experience


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Feb 24, 2006
We're looking for someone as a network tech in Central California. Ideally, you'd have a good foundation of routing/switching as well as some basic VoIP and linux knowledge...and know how to troubleshoot well.

PM me if interested.


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Mar 5, 2001
I am hiring a Mid-Level SysAdmin .. They need to be cleared and have VMware experience as well as SAN experience...

PM me for more info


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Apr 26, 2007
I guess it couldn't hurt if I posted here looking for work?
I have a B.S. in Environmental Biology (sort of like a generic Biology B.S. with a focus on ecology) and am looking for work in the LA/Pasadena area. I don't have any work experience.
I can probably do Biology Lab, MicroBio Lab or help desk level IT work, etc.


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Oct 12, 1999
I work for Raytheon as a Systems Engineer in Woburn, MA (just north of Boston). They've been on a hiring spree the last few months, and they continue to keep hiring. You dont necessarily need to have a clearance already. PM me for more info/details.


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Jul 10, 2008
I am a student pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree and I am looking for a summer 2013 internship related to my field. I live in Chicago. Please PM if you can help. Thanks :)


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Sep 1, 2012
i notice a few of you guys talking about clearance for and in the IT world... You mean security clearance right? how common is this to need to get security clearance of any type for IT jobs? I'm training right now for some IT stuff and there is NO way I would get clearance for any secret stuff. :$ Someone please advise?


Dec 30, 2000
i notice a few of you guys talking about clearance for and in the IT world... You mean security clearance right? how common is this to need to get security clearance of any type for IT jobs? I'm training right now for some IT stuff and there is NO way I would get clearance for any secret stuff. :$ Someone please advise?
Usually if the company you will work for does any contracting for the military. I would say 20% of the IT jobs in SC will request you be able to pass the goverment background check. That spikes significantly if you work near military facilities.

And if they are going to request one, they will let you know in the job posting.


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Sep 1, 2012
is this only because of your location and high concentration of defense companies? or is this seemingly a good rule of thumb? for example, when i search wisconsin area for IT jobs, about 1 in 10 maybe 1 in 20 will require security clearance and they are usually jobs in the private sector contracted military application...
Nov 8, 2012
Looking to get my foot in the door for anything IT/Business related. Database work, data analysis, networking, IT Tech in general, etc... Currently still employed, but payroll work reduction is coming, and hitting us hard. I have plenty of backup to support my performance.

Anyone that has any positions or offer any tips for the Houston, TX area is appreciated :) PM please.


Nov 3, 2009
is this only because of your location and high concentration of defense companies? or is this seemingly a good rule of thumb? for example, when i search wisconsin area for IT jobs, about 1 in 10 maybe 1 in 20 will require security clearance and they are usually jobs in the private sector contracted military application...
bolded hit the nail on the head

The University of Illinois is hiring in Champaign-Urbana



Jul 11, 2000
Multiple internal audit positions available for IT/IS auditors. Audit experience not necessarily required depending on the depth and breadth of your other IT experience. Must be able to travel 50-75% of the time.

PM me with questions or if you want to submit a resume.


Aug 9, 2000
Looking for PCB designer for freelance job. Must know KiCAD and be able to show samples of work.


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Jan 22, 2006
My company (part of the Xerox dealership network) has quite a few open positions in the CA Bay Area and San Diego.

The positions are primarily outside sales, which likely isn't a good fit for anandtech members, but I thought I'd throw it out there ;) We do have some engineer type positions available, that are for installation and configuration of solutions, as well as being a technical resource for the sales team.

The job is very people oriented and requires some serious work ethic but the payout is awesome if you do well. Also if you do the job right (go see your customers) it isn't boring.

Obviously copiers are a large part of the job, but we do a lot of other business as well. We are a Platinum Channel Partner with Dell, which means our prices are better than CDW and even Dell Directb(for Small/Medium Business), so we do a lot of Dell projects.
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Feb 18, 2011
NYC desktop support - friend's shop, no clue on anything, relaying position

We have a need to fill a Desktop Support role, so any referrals are greatly appreciated. A brief description is below:

Desktop Support Engineer
Self-starter, able to get up to speed FAST and integrate with a team of 2 existing support engineers. Cultural fit a must; it's fast paced, high touch environment, and requires a high degree of competence and customer care skill.

Communication: must build confidence with customers, and keep effective communication channels open at all times

Troubleshooting: fixing once and hoping it doesn't break again won't cut it. Must be willing to go extra mile to perform root cause analysis and propose long term solutions for the benefit of the customer.

Limitations: must know when knowledge is limited, stop what he/she is doing, and get help from more knowledgeable peers

Experience: 3-5 years in a Financial Services environment in a Desktop Support capacity

Technical skills required:

* Engineering and Operating Windows 7 and Office 2007/2010 environment

* Variety of iDevices, mostly Blackberries and iPhones/iPads

* Market data apps such as Bloomberg and Reuters

* Dell desktop/server hardware

* Avaya/IPC/Speakerbu s phone systems

* PowerShell scripting

Any referrals are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Martin Ryan | MSD Capital, L.P | 212.303.1626
645 5th Avenue, 21st floor, New York, NY 10022
www.msdcapital. com "