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General VR discussion thread

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Nov 16, 2006
That's the problem with VR at the moment. There shouldn't be an ecosystem in the first place!
Does your monitor have an ecosystem or your mouse. So why should VR when at it's core its a head mounted display with position sensors and a couple of VR controllers.
-Because everyone wants their thing to be the next iPhone walled garden.

PC openness was a fluke, not the standard, and will likely continue to erode over our lives.


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Aug 22, 2001
I love VR and would recommend every PC gamer experience it once, but there is a lack of good new content these days. Lots of early access indie stuff and short tech demos, which are great but not something you would go back to more than once. I've already played most of the major VR releases at this point, or found that they have issues (Boneworks doesn't have teleport and is uncomfortable to play, Lone Echo crashes all the time). I mostly spend time with non-game experiences like Space Engine or Google Earth, or doing a few laps in simracing. At some level VR is better for relaxing than gaming.
I use mine most for Thrill of the Fight and Beat Saber. Thrill of the Fight is the closest thing so far, to what I hoped for from VR. It has completely replaced shadow boxing for me. It is far more entertaining, and being able to train the various equipment, then fight, or use the ghost for reaction drills, is outstanding.

Beat Saber is another killer app for me. It is a great warm up before lifting weights.

VR tours, movie theater modes; there are some cool things to do. Nvidia's VR funhouse, shooters, stuff like that, wear off on me pretty fast.


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Jun 24, 2004
All the racing/flight/space games really should include VR support. Only a few do, even though those games are ideally suited for it and don't require much extra work from the developers. Sometimes modders add it in, like Mechwarrior 5, but the mod often has glitches and is more of a novelty than something you can use in regular gameplay.
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Apr 21, 2011
^ yeah simracing flight and space games really benefit from VR. you really experience elevation and camber changers on racetracks SO MUCH MORE in vr.

anyone here play Thrill of the Fight?
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