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Aug 11, 2005

I thought this was impressive


Aug 11, 2005
That is impressive haha! But if you have bugs or flies, kids, etc I dunno how safe it is. Unless it's covered by some glass that I can't see. What about humidity too?
I didn't see a cover of any sorts either, i'd say it's safe up there unless you have kids that love to throw food all over the house, i don't see how humidity would be any worse? It's a neat idea though, he linked his build process in the imgur link
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Feb 13, 2017
[QUOTE="Sir_Creigalott, post: 38737275, member: 378383"

My ole faithful gaming rig. Loving this new InWin 303 case.

Very beautiful rig!

I have a question... how were you able to mount the fan controller like that, facing the side?[/QUOTE]

Thank you!
It was a total MacGuyver thing. I took a plastic drive bay cover from my old computer and flipped it around. The controller has the grooves for the clips already cut on the sides. i made a bracket from sheet metal painted black with double sided 3M tape and mounted it to the top. Connected the wires and it clipped into place.
May 11, 2008
My setup is pretty humble compared to what i have seen here. I like my pc to be part of my audio and video equipment. It is not too fancy but works very well.
Did some modifications of my own to eliminate any panel rumble caused by cooling fans by stiffening the panels with U profile aluminum bars (8mmx8mm) that are held in place by blind rivets.
The case fans i use are 120mm artic fans with their own temperature sensors that are located right above the videocard.
When the videocard heats up, the fans start spinning faster to provide more cool air inside the case.
The exhaust is my power supply. The back of my pc case is located outside the pc cabinet because the pc has to dump the hot air outside the cabinet.
I drilled 60x 10mm holes in the backside of the cabinet to draw cool air inside the cabinet when gaming.

My case used to have a floppy disk entry but i ordered online an stainless steel look aluminum name tag with a custom text in script font: "ZEN device".
And placed that name tag over the floppy drive entry. It seems almost like it always was like that.
The text is fitting because my pc gives me so much joy.
And the next upgrade will be a ryzen 2600.

I am going to remove the new millennium computer system bay door with another one where i have mounted an oled display with white characters that i can program from my pc.
It is just a small pcb with sam7s256 connected to the display and also connected to the pc through an FTDI usb to uart chip (CDC device). That way, i can write a program that requests for example the cpu core frequency and display it on the oled display. I hope to order the pcb over two weeks when i am done designing it. I will add some ntc inputs to display some temperature spots in the pc.

Old floppy drive entry.

Nice name tag.




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Feb 15, 2002
New case time! I pretty much built what I always wanted this time. I could always go smaller but case designs get weird and get fatter. Atleast here I still get a window. Mini ITX case by phanteks putting the asus motherboard's aura to max effect. 1080/8400 combo in there. Fans are not addressable LEDs and controlled by the case because I haven't located any addressable LEDs I can bolt onto my fans like these. These are bequiet brand and case is super quiet.



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Oct 9, 1999
Here is my new system I just completed and have a few more changes planned for it in the near future. The white plates that cover the fans I ended up liking the look so I am going to order one more to cover the top 4 fans while I will leave the front uncovered. I order a custom wiring harness that will look a lot nicer and cant wait for that to come in. I also plan to perhaps redo two of the bends.

EK quantum water block
XSPC resavoir
Primochill ddc pump in white
Primchill fittings in white
Primochill 480mm radiator in white
View 71 case that was black and painted white.
Seasonic snow silent prime
Gskill trident rgb 16 GB 3200 14-14-14-34
Ryzen 2700x
1 TB evo 970
750GB MX500
500GB MX300
240GB OCZ vertex 2
Enermax rgb fans
Asus Prime x470-pro



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Mar 15, 2007
That is impressive haha! But if you have bugs or flies, kids, etc I dunno how safe it is. Unless it's covered by some glass that I can't see. What about humidity too?

i see people mention humidity quiet often. but how is the inside of a case any diff then the room? does it have some kind of dehumidifier built into the case? bugs or flies inside and you are worried about the computer hardware? (they might short something?) heh sorry old post revivved! love looking at peoples cases and wish i could do the same, i usually wallmount but never as pretty as these liquid custom loops.


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Oct 22, 2018
I will play too why not. This is my build.IMG_20190628_190401377.jpg

Not as clean as i would want it but the air is pretty meh here so dust tends to just fly. Does not help i guess i ripped out the front filter and just went with direct airflow too but this is months of dust. Builds main parts is a 8700 non k, 16gb of gskill 2666 memory and a 1070ti with the Artic cooler slapped on there. Os is housed on a Samsung 500gb 860 Evo.


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May 16, 2002
And my 4 ghz 2990wx is done ! The 2 radiators in the back a 360 x 60 deep, and a 420 x 25 deep.

And from the front with a solid copper heatkiller !

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Oct 22, 2018
Did a few small upgrades and swapped some fans and my current build is absolutely perfecto right now! I removed the honey comb rear for the rear fan on the case and that CM 120MM is pulling out MAJOR air. Got the 2070 yesterday and the size holy heck something that big should almost be illegal. Only wish Noctua would make some black fans but maybe i could just paint them or something idk. Worried it could look tacky. Maybe i could find replacements with black frames and red leds/rgb with similar specs?

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