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AMD RYZEN Builders Thread

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Sep 26, 2011
Ended up pulling the trigger on the Fuma 2.
In it's favor were reported quietness and being competitive with the DRP2 and Noctua's. Cheaper and finally it's a bit more friendly to other cases and board layouts. If I ditch this 3900x rig, I can always move the cooler over to a mATX setup.
Worse case scenario is that it sucks and I'll attach it one of the Raspberry pi 4 lying around the house for poops and giggles.
Fuma 2 followup.
In terms of layout, easy access to memory and good spacing between the video card.
Install was straight forward. Attach brackets to existing AMD backplate and then its easy to mount. Took under 5 minutes (excluding removal Wraith and tedious task of cleaning up paste fr om Wraith install.)

Super quiet. I'm now annoyed at my NAS because now that thing is the most noticeable fan in the room.
During stress testing in a 20-21c room, CPU struggled to hit 70c and chipset temps dropped 5c. I was able to lower fan speeds in the fan profile and during stress testing it never exceeded 85% fan speed. With relaxed sound profile 72c is the ceiling.
At this rate, the only time the chipset fan is ever going to come on is during startup

Fan list
Thermatake S300 case
Fuma 2
Exhaust fan rear - Antec TrueQuiet 140 140mm
Exhaust fan top - Cooler Master MF200R 200mm
Intake fan - Arctic Cooling P14 140mm (Will likely swap out this one. Not liking the sound profile once it spins up)
Seasonic GM-650

Disclaimer: Middle aged ears