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  1. H

    Question x570 boards for zen 1

    Currently i'm OC'ing my Ryzen 7 1700 and im really limited by my motherboard, i've seen some x570 boards taht run with zen 1, is there a way to find out wether the board supports zen 1? because the support is basically unofficial and only possible becuase the motherboards had some memory left...
  2. Vattila

    Solved! Speculation: Zen 4 (EPYC 4 "Genoa", Ryzen 7000, etc.)

    Except for the details about the improvements in the microarchitecture, we now know pretty well what to expect with Zen 3. The leaked presentation by AMD Senior Manager Martin Hilgeman shows that EPYC 3 "Milan" will, as promised and expected, reuse the current platform (SP3), and the system...
  3. N

    AMD Family 17h (Zen) DRAM controller specifications

    Hello everyone, I'm a computer engineering researcher and I'm currently working with DRAM fault analysis and mapping. My workstation has an AMD Ryzen 5, which uses the 17h microarchitecture (AKA Zen), so given that I'm starting pretty much from scratch I'm only trying to learn about this...
  4. Thunder 57

    Raven Ridge news/release date

    I know information is slow in coming, but I was wondering if anyone knew when we could expect some Raven Ridge products? Two people I know are looking to get new laptops. I think it might be worth waiting until 2H 2017 to see what RR has to offer. I'm just not sure how long they are willing...
  5. F

    Future to Bulldozer architecture?

    Now when Ryzen is released, the Bulldozer line of processors seems to have almost come to an end. Bristol Ridge still sells as OEM only. It might become available through the retail channel, even if that is unclear at the moment. Stoney Ridge seem to get one last spin however, as a "Stoney...
  6. Atari2600

    Lessons Learned: Ryzen Launch

    Was just mulling it over in my head, what could AMD have done differently with the Ryzen launch? On one side, with their current FX CPU revenue/profit being in the gutter, they are financially forced to launch the product as soon as possible to raise some money. Converse to that, releasing...
  7. D

    AMD Naples information

    With zen nearly out, time to discuss / speculate Naples. Some questions I have at the moment are - a. Will be see Naples in a quad socket motherboard configuration b. Clock speeds for the 32 core variant c. Release timeframes d. Will it be generally available in the channel early on or will we...
  8. MajinCry

    [Part 1] Measuring CPU Draw Call Performance

    (Part 2 - Much more appropriate settings!) Before Intel released their Core 2 architecture, their CPUs had the same level of draw call performance as their AMD performance equivalents. Trouble is, Core 2 was several times (>3x) better at handling draw calls then it's predecessors, as well as...
  9. superstition

    Zen to be soldered

    http://www.bitsandchips.it/52-english-news/7784-our-leak-confirmed-am4-cpus-will-have-the-ihs-soldered This is great news (for everyone except the liquid nitrogen people and those selling delidding machines/services).
  10. Atari2600

    AMD Zen - Key Dates and Information

    Trying to summarise what we know. This first post will be updated on an ongoing basis to present information and links. I hope posters will add information to the thread itself which can then be pulled up to the first post for all users to have a one-stop-shop for the latest data. While its...
  11. Adul

    AMD - Ryzen with Autoover clocking

    Looks interesting. If the IPC is comparable to core 4xxx series from intel, I will definitely be looking to make a switch. I been wanting more than just 4 cores. I do like the name. Seems appropriate...
  12. superstition

    AMD has trademarked a bunch of goofy names for Zen

    Ryzen Vara Joro Jitzu Grok ThreadRipper http://hothardware.com/news/amd-trademarks-ryzen-and-other-names-possibly-associate-with-zen-cpu The only one that sounds tolerable to me is Vara but it also sounds too obscure to be useful as anything more than a code name. AMD should remember that Zen...
  13. superstition

    Does an 8/8 Zen "Summit Ridge" SKU make good sense?

    The current rumor has 8/16, 6/12, and 4/8 — no 8/8 to be found. Wouldn't 8/8 be more optimal for an enthusiast than 8/16 or 6/12 — since real core threads are more efficient than SMT threads and having so many is a pain for overclocking (16 or 12 instances of MemTest HCL, 16 or 12 Prime threads...
  14. superstition

    Should AMD spin off high-level SIMD to a separate chip?

    Consider the following: 1) CPUs used to do the work of GPUs. We can see from the evolution of the discreet GPU the advantages of having them separate: a) nimbleness – upgrade GPU without having to upgrade CPU/board b) more chip space – more space to use for transistors from having separate...
  15. S

    AMD Ryzen (Summit Ridge) Benchmarks Thread (use new thread)

    Everyone has been asking that this thread be updated, and it has not by the op for months, so a new thread was created today before this one was updated, and that one stands. This one is locked. Markfw Anandtech Moderator Link to new thread...