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    Question Which is faster for SQL Server data access and web page load: AMD Epyc (faster CPU) or Intel Xeon with Optane Persistent Memory DIMMS ?

    Say you're thinking of upgrading your servers and you're goal is fast access to SQL Server data (Database with lots of joins and tables rendering web pages over the web). In this case your ceiling of RAM will be 128GB. While I appreciate the raw power and value of Epyc vs Xeon, it seems to me...
  2. R

    Question XeonX5670

    Very, very happy with this old computer. Runs every game i'd want, at the resolution I want. I used to build a new computer every 2 years, but haven't again since I built this 8 years ago. Looking for some ideas for slight upgrades? You can get cards to upgrade the SATA? Xeon X5670 (@2.93...
  3. K

    Question Windows 10 and Xeon gold 6130

    Ordering a Dell Precision 7920 with Xeon Gold 6130 16C and I can't get good info whether I can run Windows 10 Education or Enterprise instead of their offered version, the newer Windows 10 Pro upto 4 core. Anyone know?
  4. JSt0rm

    where are we at with xeons right now?

    Thinking about migrating away from my 2010 macpro to a hp z8. The xeon bronze silver gold whatever thing is fine from a this is better point of view but where are we on the ife cycle of this chip? My 12 core 2010 is still blazing but its the i/o that is killing me.
  5. S

    Asus Z10pe d16 ws settings

    Hy all! Im wondering if someone could help me out with this board. I get a BSOD (pci.sys 0x0122 under load (vray gpu rendering) this only happens when the second gpu (780ti) is active. Could it be to less power? I disabled my 103,5 oc because the thing wouldnt boot with it when the second gpu...
  6. U

    Are AMD planning to compete in the mobile workstation / mobile gaming market?

    Looking at the new generation of HP ZBOOKs having Intel Xeon as an option and Apple's still unannounced new MacBook Pro potentially having Intel i9 as an option, are AMD planning on having Threadripper's in mobile workstations / mobile gaming sometime or even a new mobile processor to compete...
  7. A

    Custom Dual Xeon build restarting needed a couple of times to finally start up

    This is my first post on this forum, but I've been into computer hardware and electronics for some time now. I've stumbled upon a problem I think is interesting and I would like to know if someone else knows what it could be. I did post on another forum, but couldn't find people there who knew...
  8. Riok

    List of X99 motherboards compatible with ECC memory ?

    Hello, There are two types of X99 motherboards compatible with ECC memory: - The ones officially compatible - The ones not officially compatible If you have tested your board with ECC memory, please report it here. (With Memory serial number and bios version if possible). It's just about ECC...
  9. Dayman1225

    Intel Silently Releases Knights Mill

    Intel Knights Mill: Last generation of Larrabee Has started (German) Ark Page Here
  10. D

    Need Advice about motherboard for LIDAR Surveying

    I am spec'ing out a computer for my work desktop PC that my company will purchase. I am processing very large LIDAR point clouds for surveying purposes. Please advise on where I can go to compare motherboards. I would like to have a complete list of motherboards that have these boxes checked...
  11. Dayman1225

    Intel Confirms Skylake Xeon D in Early 2018

    Intel Confirms Skylake Xeon D in Early 2018
  12. Dayman1225

    Intel to replace Knights Hill with new platform and microarch designed for Exascale

    One step we’re taking is to replace one of the future Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors (code name Knights Hill) with a new platform and new microarchitecture specifically designed for exascale.
  13. ZeBaarda

    Which xeon to overclock

    Hi, I cant decide which xeon to buy, can u help me with info? E5-1650 (6c/12t) or E5-2670 (8c/16t) I plan to use them mainly for gaming when i have free time! I heard that 2670 doesnt turbo-boost all cores to max.. Is this right? I googled but cant find information about this! i plan to OC...
  14. I

    Advice on Xeon cpu for home server

    Hi people first post on these forums for me! I'm looking at building my new home server, used to have an old Mac mini alongside a synology nas that held the storage for me. I'm looking to go beyond this now with an all in one custom build solution. Not quite decided on the OS yet but I have...
  15. thepaleobiker

    Does Ryzen potentially "kill" the unofficial consumer Xeon DIY PC builds?

    I've recently been following all the historical adulation and love for Xeon CPUs that could directly fit consumer boards (LGA 1366 or 2011) or the more recent ones that could easily overclock via BLCK (LGA 1151 on C232 chipsets), especially the E3 series of quad-code hyperthreading CPUs. From...
  16. B

    Xeon E5440

    Hi!i got a new pc:Hp compaq 6000 pro sff and i need to upgrade its cpu.Recently i found on ebay some E5440 which are modded and work straightforward in lga 775 cpu no need for stickers.My question is:would it be able to run on my mobo?Q43 chipset but it supports q9550 and q9650.
  17. B

    Xeon E5440

    Hi!i got a new pc:Hp compaq 6000 pro sff and i need to upgrade its cpu.Recently i found on ebay some E5440 which are modded and work straightforward in lga 775 cpu no need for stickers.My question is:would it be able to run on my mobo?Q43 chipset but it supports q9550 and q9650.
  18. N

    e5 2683 v3 with coolermaster t4 55 idle highish temps?

    e5 2683 v3 with coolermaster t4 idle highish temps? Will a new fan alone lower my rpms and make the cooling more efficient or do i need a better cpu cooler? figure before black friday i ask so if i need one its something to add to my list. when i render a video i can get it to hit 61-62 still...
  19. superstition

    The rumored 5.1 GHz Xeon quad E5-2602 V4?

    This was talked about by a lot of tech sites in January but I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything since. Rumor has it that only deep pockets customers like the NSA will have access. Is this a good idea? It seems really odd to restrict the sale of CPUs to domestic consumers and only sell...
  20. B

    Questions regarding dual processor boards

    Hi, Can anyone help me understand a bit more about dual processor boards? Taking Supermicro X10DRL-i I have the following questions: 1# In a dual processor board (the one described above) where the following is stated: Those 145W TDP is per processor? Meaning that two Intel® Xeon® Processor...
  21. SeanGorry

    X58 ECC Ram?

    I am building a budget CAD/FEA/Gaming machine. I have a Xeon E5649 (six core 2.5Ghz Base), and a MSI X58 PRO-E (MS-7522 V3.1) motherboard. The Xeon supports ECC DDR3 1333Mhz , but there is no info about ECC in the manual. Would ECC ram (PC3-10600R) work,or is the mobo lacking the extra...