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  1. Brainonska511

    Info PSA for Xfinity Users - Faster Uploads May Be Available w/New Modem

    Comcast/Xfinity has been updating their networks and you might be able to get yourself a higher upload speed by upgrading your modem (see the NextGen-approved ones): Full List of Compatible Devices.pdf -...
  2. T

    4gLTE Repeater?

    My house is in a wooded development and my lot sits in a small depression just inside the tree line. I'm trying to develop a highspeed internet source via Verizon 4gLTE. Verizon won't give me a home internet plan because their map says it's not available at my house, which is technically true...
  3. shaggyboi007

    Question Why would my ISP ban Cloudfare WARP in the country? (more in body)

    My ISP (Reliance Jio) in India banned Cloudware WARP ( a DNS and VPN app). It used to help me get a much more stable and low-ping internet. Now, it just won't connect to the Cloudflare lines. What could be the reason behind them banning the Cloudfare Routes and App, I mean how could it even...
  4. M

    Question Need advice on which DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem

    Hey everyone, I apologize in advance for being a little to wordy here, I'm just trying to provide the best information possible to get the best feedback possible. And I really could use feedback on which DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem to get. As I've been trying to figure this out for a week. Also a...
  5. F

    Help with my slow internet on a new pc build

    internet problem: I have ran broadband speed checker ona number of propherals using the same wireless router that I have to eliminate router network problem. Broadband speed test iPad wireless Download 23.09 Upload 8.94 Ping 184ms Ps4 wireless Download 22.80 Upload 8.48 Ping 196ms Ps4 wired...
  6. R

    Getting Slow speeds on my pc

    So I have a 25mbps up and down speed I get good speeds on other devices But my pc is getting 2 mbps only on browsers and programs. shows my normal speeds. When I connected my pc via wifi I got my speeds back but when I rooboted my pc, the speeds went back down to 5 mbps. I ran a...
  7. F

    Downloading on new router hogs all the bandwidth

    After installing my new Asus RT-AC68U, its been great except when I'm downloading something. I'm the only one connected to the ethernet, and so when I download a game. Everyone on the network gets slowed down by a lot. Loading pictures on social media takes time. I get 60MBPS download and...
  8. EXCellR8

    OpenVPN Revisited, Still Not Working

    Installed OpenVPN on my Untangle router at home and exported the profile/keys but I still cannot connect to it from my workplace. When I go to connect it just hangs up and never actually goes through. I have a couple of questions, though... So, say my Untangle router at home is behind a TP link...
  9. Dan Silviu

    Motorola cable modem SB6121 keeps dropping off

    Hey guys, I've been having a bit of a problem with my internet from Xfinity. My modem needs to be restarted every other day to resume internet at a shitty speed. (20mbps in a 100mbps plan) I've had the modem since 2014 and it ran like a champ since recently. If anyone can recognize a specific...
  10. O

    Save me (can’t access the internet with more than 3 LAN wired devices connected to an 8-port switch)

    Problem: I can’t access the internet with more than 3 LAN wired devices connected to an 8-port switch (ie, the fourth device never works (and the fifth too of course), no matter the device). Description of Problem: Our house has eight separate LAN outlets throughout the house for various...
  11. P

    what is the role of world wide web in distributed computing system

    i have to submit an assignment tommorrow so kindly please help me with relevant data please. i wanna know what is the role of WWW in distributed computing system.
  12. I

    Switch/Hub/or a seconds router

    Evening everybody, I have been looking through the internet but I got even more confused and haven't seen an answer I liked. My dilemma is that I have a router/modem combo but I already ate up my 4 slots and while I like wifi, I want to be able to plug in more items to it around 6-8. I have...
  13. S

    Ethernet "Unidentified network - No internet access"

    Last night, my ethernet just entirely stopped working after disconnecting from TorGuard, and nothing has worked to fix it so far. Windows troubleshooter tells me "Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration". I am almost always connected to TorGuard, and have encountered issues like this...
  14. R

    Mysterious Internet problem

    Since yesterday I am facing a strange problem on my laptop, I usually hibernate my laptop and have been doing ever since I bought it 5 years ago but never had any problem with it at all, but just since yesterday I noticed that when I wake up my laptop from hibernation by pressing the power...
  15. S

    Network Setup Questions

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and have some questions about a potential new network setup. I live in an area where I can get gigabit internet and I want to plan for how the rest of my current networking has to change to allow for more bandwidth. I know the gigabit internet is available to my house...
  16. V

    Keep all hosts connected even after a router breaks down

    I'm still quite the beginner when it comes to networking and i faced a problem to which i wasn't able to figure out the right answer. The hubs are of type Ethernet. The routers have ethernet interfaces. Router 3 has an additional interface of another type that allows it to connect to the...
  17. Sean Kyle

    Net Neutrality Rules Under Attack by FCC Chairman, it is time for us to have our say against it

    I just got the news from here that Ajit Pai's plan to repeal net neutrality rules has taken the first step via the voting of 2-to-1. Now is the time to voice against it. Please visit and those who don't know about it, check these videos out...
  18. EXCellR8

    Port Forwarding Never Works

    this is something i run into at least a few times per year... i have a private game server configured and running but whenever I test my router ports everything is reported closed; even if I enable DMZ on the server's IP. doesn't make any sense unless it's just my ISP blocking all of the ports...
  19. A

    I have a joint in my wan cable can that affect anything

    so the cable which comes in my home has a joint(cut and then joined using tape) so will that affect anything? my wifi router doesnt work due to that (internet guy said) my internet speeds are slowed (same) the internet guy said to change the cable should i change the cable or is he trying to...
  20. Sean Kyle

    Online Security and Privacy Predictions for 2017

    I came across this article a few minutes ago and a few things are really foreseeable. However, I think that there are more things to be added, so wanted the opinions for you guys!
  21. O

    Bt Homehub Under Floor

    Hi, I live in a 4 bed house and our bt homehub is currently positioned under the floor in the bedroom at the front of the house. We experience issues when watching Netflix and when online gaming. I am convinced that our issues are because the router is under the floorboards at the front of...
  22. S

    Modem/Router/Wifi questions

    Okay so to make a long story short I have 100 mbps Internet, and for whatever reason have trouble streaming 4K content. I had an older ISP provided modem/router combo... I've since replaced it with an Arris SBG6700-AC. I have a Sony Bravia X810C which is obviously a 4k TV which supports 2160p...
  23. A

    Internet speed continuously fluctuating

    I live in Mumbai, India and I'm currently on a 4Mbps plan. From past few days, I'm facing this huge problem in which my intenet is either not connecting or constantly fluctuating i.e. at 1 speedtest I'm getting speed like 3mbps, the very next speedtest in maybe 10-20 seconds difference I'm...