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Bt Homehub Under Floor


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Oct 30, 2016

I live in a 4 bed house and our bt homehub is currently positioned under the floor in the bedroom at the front of the house.

We experience issues when watching Netflix and when online gaming. I am convinced that our issues are because the router is under the floorboards at the front of the house. The wifi on my phone often cuts out in the bedroom next door.

So my question is, as the router is under the upstairs floorboards will it have a big impact on the speed and range of the network?

The others would rather leave the router under the floor but will move it if I can get evidence of it having a negative impact.

Thanks for the help


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Aug 25, 2001
I would think that would affect it, yes. I'm not familiar with BT, but I assume that this is some sort of ADSL router, with wifi?

Is the current router accessible enough to hook up an ethernet cable, and connect a better router or access point to it, for better wifi? If so, you might want to look into that.