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Internet speed continuously fluctuating


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Aug 15, 2016
I live in Mumbai, India and I'm currently on a 4Mbps plan.

From past few days, I'm facing this huge problem in which my intenet is either not connecting or constantly fluctuating i.e. at 1 speedtest I'm getting speed like 3mbps, the very next speedtest in maybe 10-20 seconds difference I'm getting 500Kbps.

It has become very hard for me to use internet and especially during downloading, I'm able to download at idm getting constantly speeds between 200-500Kbps, but except idm nothing is being able to be constant or atleast reach anywhere above average speeds.

The android downloads in uc browser shows download speed like in a second 150kbps, the next second 20, then 3, then suddenly 200, then 10, it goes on like this until it suddenly stops, the download never completes.

I'm having arguments over this with my ISP, I contacted them at first ofcourse, in my area it's extremely difficult to have good internet, on top of it the ISP services are so bad that they never send any technician to help until internet stops. And it's very hard also to find any good ISP other than what I'm on, I'm sharing my speedtest if it's of any help(also observe the continuous drop and rise in the speed graph). (http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5567237936)

What I can say is I've a lot of apps installed during the past week, like different IObit apps advanced systemcare, malware fighter etc. had drivers updated. I don't think any of them should be blocking my internet as if they were, I guess they should've been then affecting the single device they're installed on then, not all devices on network.

As for the ISP, they after checking on call say to do a lot of things which I do and take bullshit complaints (which they're doing nothing), one big problem is that I cannot connect my pc directly i.e. the connection comes to my router but from router it doesn't go to pc(hence the main pc too is connected to wifi) and this problem is very random, sometimes it connects, sometimes it just doesn't till a long time, due to this ISP said that go and get the computer checked from a local technician, I called one and he said he crammed or something the wire(I don't remember the word he said, but he did something to the wire so that it connects properly to the pc) but then it again after few hours got disconnected, so there's no way I can test actual speed connecting directly. Help me with this LAN wire connection too.

It's a very big problem and I'm really not understanding where the fault is, I just need help of what things should I do to check where the problems are or how to repair them. I'm really frustrated with this speed as I really can't download anything now.

PS: If someone is from Mumbai here, then please recommend me some good ISP's providing atleast 5/10Mbps speeds unlimited(limited till 200gb acceptable) please.


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Oct 4, 2015
There are just too many factors to narrow down but here is something you can look at that might help you eliminate certain factors.

This is a guide to boosting your wifi - http://techu4ria.com/boost-wi-fi-signal

It's pretty in-depth and has a section on fixing the most common wifi problems. Plus it provides a bunch of other options and information to make your internet connection better. Hope it helps.