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  1. O

    CPU fan compatibility

    Hi, I have an old unused CPU fan Cooler Master Seidon 120v and on the box its says socket (LGA 2011/1366/1150/1156/775). Now I am planning to build a system with Intel core i3 8100 processor (LGA 1151). I have checked the motherboard H310 and and the CPU fan brackets matches with the...
  2. Machinus

    Cascade Lake-X on 14nm++?

    I have read contradictory interpretations of Intel's 2018 processor roadmap, and I think some of the authors on these tech sites are really confused and using incorrect terminology. I am hoping the astute staff/readers at Anandtech can clarify this. Intel has advertised that they will be...
  3. T

    Anyone feel CPU [AT] benchmarks should include gaming and streaming since multi core cpu's are out?

    As a person that just got a brand new ryzen7 system and lingering if coffee lake would have been the better path for gaming and streaming csgo,pubg, etc , I feel there simply isn't enough data out there for this topic. I was on the fence between 7700k and the ryzen 7, 99% of the time the 7700k...
  4. PeterScott

    The Ryzen vs Coffee Lake choice.

    It seems like these are the choice CPUs today, and they are VERY competitive on a number of factors, and there are big threads on each, where the Ryzen vs Coffee Lake discussion keep springing up and getting shut down as "off topic". So why haven't we had a direct Ryzen vs Coffee Lake...
  5. Arachnotronic

    Intel Coffee Lake Buyer's Thread

    Intel's Coffee Lake processors and Z370-based motherboards are expected to go on sale on October 5. This is a thread where people who have purchased Coffee Lake processors or who have intent to purchase Coffee Lake processors to discuss Coffee Lake related things such as: Which Coffee Lake CPU...
  6. PeterScott

    Need Modern MB advice, last build was 2008. Questions inside.

    I have been running the Same PC since 2008. A P35 Gigabyte MB with Q9400 OC to 3.2GHz. I am looking to upgrade soon, I am a little out of date on MB state of the art. I am looking to for an mATX MB, to overclock either a Ryzen 5 1600 or CL i5 8600K (I need to see reviews first). Digitial...
  7. C

    Intel "Coffee Lake" Builders Thread

    It seems like we could use a builders thread now for everyone planning out and building Coffee Lake-based systems, given it's just a little over a week before launch. Post your build specs, motherboard and chipset questions, issues you run into or are aware of, and other practical Coffee Lake...
  8. C

    Help me find some paint

    I'm starting a new PC build soon and I plan on painting the case to match the distinctive cream and brown shades that Noctua uses for most of their fans (I like to think if it as coffee and cream, or white chocolate and milk chocolate... Mmm). Either spray paint or paint for an airbrush would...
  9. Machinus

    Will Intel keep selling chips with poor thermal conductivity? (Coffee/Cannon)?

    The response given last month was very discouraging, which suggests that Intel will not be making any changes to their thermal contact process or materials: Re: Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k? Ronald_Intel May 2, 2017 7:30 AM (in response to BC93Key) Hello Everyone, We appreciate the feedback...
  10. S

    Intel Coffee Lake and Cannonlake in H2-2017, Icelake in 2018 (DigiTimes)

    Mainstream 6C/12T next year, followed by a new CPU architecture in 2018? Original Coffee Lake 'leak' from PC Watch in July (mobile roadmap):