Intel Coffee Lake Buyer's Thread

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  1. Arachnotronic

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    Intel's Coffee Lake processors and Z370-based motherboards are expected to go on sale on October 5.

    This is a thread where people who have purchased Coffee Lake processors or who have intent to purchase Coffee Lake processors to discuss Coffee Lake related things such as:
    • Which Coffee Lake CPU you are buying or which ones you are deciding between
    • What motherboard, RAM, cooling solutions and other system components you're considering buying and, once you've purchased, how well those seem to work
    • Coffee Lake CPU and memory overclocking results
    • Coffee Lake benchmarks
    • Reviews of Coffee Lake and related platform components that you have found and you think will be useful to your fellow prospective Coffee Lake buyer
    • Places to buy Coffee Lake CPUs, especially if you come across a good deal on a combo
    My intent as of now is to buy an 8700K with an ASUS APEX Z370 board on launch day. I am thinking of going with high-end air cooling for my 8700K, but am also considering AIO CLC coolers. I will post proof of purchase when I have made my purchase and strongly encourage participants in this thread to do the same.

    What this thread isn't for is the comparisons between Intel, AMD, VIA or any other CPU maker, future CPUs that are not based on the Coffee Lake architecture, and so on. These topics are surely interesting, but I think that they are better suited for another thread.

    I'll try to keep this updated with links to relevant info (placeholders below)

    Coffee Lake CPU Reviews

    Lab501 Review of 8700K and 8600K w/ AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming

    Motherboard Reviews

    Compatible RAM kits
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  3. Glo.

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    In my country Asrock H270 mITX mobo costs less than some B250 MoBos. I don't believe we will see price changes between MoBos from X2XX chipset to X3XX chipset for Intel platform. So here is a question, actually.

    If I have a MoBo that has 2666 MHz memory compatibility, and CPU that is locked and capable of running 2400 MHz, can I still buy 2666 Mhz and run it full speed?
  4. moonbogg

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    How many coffee lake threads are there now? Legit question since I actually lost count.
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    we already have a coffeelake builders thread, and a coffeelake review thread. Locking this.
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