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Zen 2 APUs/"Renoir" discussion thread

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Sep 11, 2013
Today i came across this video:

It is a a gaming comparison with 3200/3600/4000 ram with a 4350G both stock and massive 2300mhz overclock.

It is petty much the same experience i had in my short tests with the 4650G, there is a interesting jump in FPS in going from 3200mhz ram to 3600mhz ram, but after that it petty much flatlines, and it looks like the OC does not helps it much.
It seems like at some point from DDR4-3600 to DDR4-4000 Renoir igp is not longer memory limited and it hits a bottleneck somewhere else, maybe the shader number is just to small or maybe the ROPs that is half of Picasso.