What controls Turbo Core in Xeons?

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Nov 29, 2020
Okay, turbo unlock on ZX-xxxxxx dual socket board, and two 2699 v3 CPU's works fine. The board houses 2x m.2, but I can only get one to boot the OS/Insaller. Awhile ago I Turbo unlocked an ASUS Z10pc-d8 by, FPT to dump BIOS, SCAN modded and returned the BIOS to me, and i flashed the board, and it worked fine. Here's my question. Even though i could dump BIOS using FPT, did i flash BIOS the same way, or did I use the Boards built in BIOS flash utility?, or something else... i didn't need the external BIOS programming hardware. What option would somebody suggest I use on a Z10-PA-D8. to flash $f2 microcode removed BIOS?