WARNING: May Contain Peanuts

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Medicine Bear

Feb 28, 2005
Originally posted by: LordMorpheus
Originally posted by: Chaotic42
Originally posted by: Medicine Bear
So I'm making a PB&J sandwich for breakfast this morning. Healthy huh? Well as I'm opening the jar of peanut butter I notice on the side where the nutritional information is listed that is also says "WARNING: May Contain Peanuts" WOW!! You mean my peanut butter may contain peanuts? Who woulda thunk it? Good lord are people so f'ing stupid these days that they don't realize peanut butter is made with peanuts?

It may be a legal requirement.

some people are very allergic to peanuts, so much that it can put them in the hospital/kill
Then those people shouldn't be even looking at peanut butter.



Jun 19, 2003
Originally posted by: Medicine Bear
Originally posted by: akubi
every disclaimer on the label == one less lawsuit to think about
I understand that. I mean after all we live in an ultra wussy, uber litigious society, but damn. Peanut Butter may contain peanuts? Is that warning really necessary? If you are stupid enough to eat peanut butter and you have a peanut allergy then you probably deserve to die.