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Nov 1, 2010
Looking for a bit of help. A few years ago I remember I had an app/tasker thing/xposed module (really can't remember) that would let you tap the phone to do things. Not necessarily tap the screen, but the phone case itself, kind of like knocking on the table. I guess it used the accelerometer to pick up the knocks.

If you search for "tap to launch app" everything from about 2016 onwards relates to tapping the screen rather than the phone itself e.g. double tap to wake.

I want a way to launch google assistant with my phone in my pocket using bluetooth headphones, specifically my airpods. I've tried the assistant app to double tap the airpods themselves to launch google assistant but its a bit flakey to say the least and it takes over the play/pause function.

I'd be happy if I could repurpose the volume buttons (double click either, or both together etc) or double/triple tap the phone itself.

I'm not desperate to root my phone (I used to but have enjoyed a stock pixel for the last couple of years), but understand this might be the only way to go. Trusted voice/trusted device is ok but "OK google" isn't always reliable if the phone is in your pocket, and the airpod mics are off by default. Also not looking to buy pixelbuds.