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  1. J

    Boltune Wireless Earbuds Upgraded Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RDLBHGC Amazon - Boltune wireless headphones on sale $36.99 Wireless Earbuds [Upgraded] Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo [USB-C Quick Charge] IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones 40Hours Playing Time Bluetooth Earbuds Built-in Mic Single/Twin Mode...
  2. M

    $400 Budget, Looking for a gaming headset (PC / PS4 / Switch) and amp if it makes a big difference

    Hey everyone, I have a $400 budget and mostly game on my PS4 and Nintendo Switch and some on the PC, but will probably start watching movies if the headset is good enough, I listen to music every once in a while. I'm looking for a headset with surround sound, not sure if rumble is a gimmick or...
  3. J

    Question Why does my computer have high magnetic fields in certain houses?

    I sometimes use a gaussmeter to measure the magnetic fields around my computer, keyboard, mouse, and headphones. The strange thing is that in some houses I've lived, there's virtually no magnetic field at all, while in other houses, there's an extremely high magnetic field around all my...
  4. V

    Tap phone to launch assistant

    Looking for a bit of help. A few years ago I remember I had an app/tasker thing/xposed module (really can't remember) that would let you tap the phone to do things. Not necessarily tap the screen, but the phone case itself, kind of like knocking on the table. I guess it used the accelerometer to...
  5. clamum

    Wireless Headphones

    Do any of you guys use wireless headphones (for quiet listening on your PC, or listening to music on the go, etc)? I've always had wired but I've seen the wireless light with my mouse and keyboard and I think I'd really love wireless headphones for my PC (I have my PC connected to my home...
  6. Slappy00

    [DEAD] Sennheiser HD1 On-Ear Wireless Headphones $249 (Amazon)

    Flash Sale, ends Monday (27th) Good cans, one of the best wireless bluetooth (support apt-x) you can buy for the price. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NAV3C1V/
  7. T

    I think a pin inside my headphone socket is broken [Oneplus 2]

    So, I noticed the problem today, putting my headphone plug into the jack, it didn't fully go in, I thought there was some fluff or lint in there until I looked in there with another phone's camera. Now I think a pin on the inside is broken Picture The headphones still work but it keeps coming...
  8. EXCellR8

    RBH Sound HP-2 Beryllium Headphones

    Marked down to $149 from $199. someone on here recommended these awhile back and they are worth every penny--meaning this is an even better deal! HP-2 Ultralight NOTE: the current 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with these headphones
  9. MajinCry

    Quality attachable mic for headphones?

    A while back, I used some Shure mic attached to a stand. Quickly got sick of having this phallus hovering in front of my face, so I'm looking for something more practical. Apparently, there are mics that you can attach to your headphones. I've the Seinnheiser 598 SE, and boy does it sound good...
  10. C

    Status Audio OB-1/Somic MH463 vs Philips SHP9500S (Sub $100 Champions)

    So I'm deciding between these two headphones which have been touted as the best in the price point of below $100. Even with the 20% off sale Status has for their products, I want to know which would be the better buy based purely on sound. I mainly play "competitive" games such as...
  11. G

    Wireless Qi Charging Case for Bluetooth Headphones / Fitness Tracker

    Hey guys, I would like to know your thoughts about a Wireless Qi Charging Case for bluetooth headphones / fitness tracker. This is basically a conventional charging casa with a built in battery that charges your headphones / fitness tracker (up to 6 times maybe), the difference is that when you...
  12. D

    Streaming Audio In and Audio Out form Computer to Bluetooth Headset

    Hello, I just bought the JBL Synchros E40BT. It provides Mic and Headphone over Bluetooth. I was wondering if there is some way to connect them (Using Bluetooth Streamer or something) to the Audio In and Audio out of the computer so I will be able to use them as Headset for Skype / Hangout. I...