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  1. B

    Question Why does my BT show as having an issue in Device Manager

    Hello, I have this on 2 different Windows 11 machines - different hardware, different BT units. If I uninstall the device, it will come up fine if I rescan It does this 22.150.0 as well as 22.120.3 (same issue on other machine - different BT unit - tried latest drivers But when I...
  2. C

    Question Bluetooth audio with headset possible on Asus Z390 Hero XI?

    Is it possible to use a wireless BT headset with the Asus Z390 Hero XI? I have the Bose QC35 headset and the 2.5mm jack is hopeless, I'm on my 3rd cable and they just keep falling out. So I'm wondering if its possible to just use BT audio from my motherboard. I've tried searching for BT devices...
  3. R

    Question Bluetooth receiver with a2dp stereo profile only hearing in mono

    Hello, I've brought a stereo Bluetooth receiver . I would swear that the first day I'd use it I could hear stereo sound (maybe for two weeks long). Now, I only hear in mono. It happens on EVERY device I use to connect, every laptop, every modern phone, and every headphones I'd tried. So I...
  4. Y

    Question Access a Bluetooth-only device wirelessly from a non-Bluetooth device using SSH(with a full featured Android device as a 'middleman')

    I am faced with a strange problem(at least,strange to me). I have a laptop(running Arch Linux), which does not have Bluetooth capability(let's call this device A). I also have another computer which has Bluetooth as its only means of communication(let's call this device B). I need to access...
  5. Y

    Latitude E5400 Bluetooth unavailable

    I own a Latitude E5400 with Windows 10. There is no option to turn on or use Bluetooth.The Bluetooth Troubleshooter tells me that this device is not Bluetooth capable,which is not true since I have used Bluetooth with Windows 7 on this device .The problem has been present ever since I installed...
  6. V

    Tap phone to launch assistant

    Looking for a bit of help. A few years ago I remember I had an app/tasker thing/xposed module (really can't remember) that would let you tap the phone to do things. Not necessarily tap the screen, but the phone case itself, kind of like knocking on the table. I guess it used the accelerometer to...
  7. Slappy00

    [DEAD] Sennheiser HD1 On-Ear Wireless Headphones $249 (Amazon)

    Flash Sale, ends Monday (27th) Good cans, one of the best wireless bluetooth (support apt-x) you can buy for the price.
  8. V

    Audio not swapping to bluetooth device

    My scenario: I am playing a game or listening to music using my laptops speakers. I connect a bluetooth speaker or headphones. Existing sound keeps coming from the speakers. New sound comes over bluetooth. I need to relaunch whatever program was playing in order to move the audio over to...
  9. G

    Wireless Qi Charging Case for Bluetooth Headphones / Fitness Tracker

    Hey guys, I would like to know your thoughts about a Wireless Qi Charging Case for bluetooth headphones / fitness tracker. This is basically a conventional charging casa with a built in battery that charges your headphones / fitness tracker (up to 6 times maybe), the difference is that when you...
  10. D

    Streaming Audio In and Audio Out form Computer to Bluetooth Headset

    Hello, I just bought the JBL Synchros E40BT. It provides Mic and Headphone over Bluetooth. I was wondering if there is some way to connect them (Using Bluetooth Streamer or something) to the Audio In and Audio out of the computer so I will be able to use them as Headset for Skype / Hangout. I...