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Question Bluetooth receiver with a2dp stereo profile only hearing in mono


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Apr 20, 2019

I've brought a stereo Bluetooth receiver . I would swear that the first day I'd use it I could hear stereo sound (maybe for two weeks long). Now, I only hear in mono.

It happens on EVERY device I use to connect, every laptop, every modern phone, and every headphones I'd tried. So I could assure It's not something about any particular configuration of my own, and also, I can tell that all the devices I've tried supports A2DP stereo.

This is the box with the product's picture and specs on the back side:
product picture.jpg
This is the back and the front of the circuit
back circuit.jpg

front circuit.jpgAny help would be very appreciated; The 'thing' is very cheap, so it's not a problem about loosing the money, it's just curiosity about any possible way to know what happened and how to fix it.
Thanks !!!