Some things to keep in mind when buying 4k

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    I was an early adopter and have suffered the growing pains.. Of which I assure you, there have been
    So allow me to assist you, so that my 3 years of painful experiences, can save you from the same..
    Things you should seriously consider before you buy.

    Technology and up coming tech.. For example you might just go jump on a 2016 model today and not even know that the 2017 models are hitting the floor this month and are already available for purchase at some stores.
    Some newer tech includes things like 10 bpc color (technicolor) certification, OLED, HDR, different pixel related software adjustments.

    OK, things to look out for on ANY 4k..
    Beware of these things..
    Any kind of subsampling.. 4:2:2:? Oh hell no...
    24- 30 hz? Yea, no dice.
    Honestly I wouldn't even buy a 60hz anymore as 120 and 240 are becoming standard, fast.

    Make sure it has enough ports to do what you want.. Some Tv's skimp on ports..

    Watch out for the base models and the lack of information in general on a lot of these TV's.
    You really have to dig for info sometimes..
    For example.
    If you went and bought the B7 OLED LG TV, you'd soon find out that the B7 is a base model.. Most people tell you "it's the same as the upperscale models, just not the same sound" Not true from what I'm starting to hear.. The B7 has worse picture quality and a higher response time..
    We're talking 60 ms vs 1 ms here.. Huge difference to a gamer.. But none of that info is on the box or on the specs sheet... Buyer beware..
    Get the C7 if you're making that choice.. Pay a little more.. Get the higher response time and better screen.

    Beware of the BS... I've seen TV's sold that are "UHD 4k".. But what they don't tell you is it's either one or the other, not both simultaneously. lmao.. I bought this 2 grand, 4k Tv and it has given me nothing but problems..Turns out, after 30 hours of tech support, 4 main board replacement, visits from techs and more headaches I care to remember, due to the constant loss of signal.. The TV can't run in 4k UHD.. it can only do one or the other.. lmfao. But it doesn't say that anywhere on the specs.. Again.. Beware..Research, a lot...
    Even the techs don't know what these Tv's can do, it's so new. Don't expect much support from them.

    Test it the second you get home in every way possible. Make sure it works how it's supposed to work.

    A lot of these TV's require you to enable something like "UHD colors" to use the 4k capability. Be on the lookout for that. Might drive you crazy, thinking you got a broken TV, when all it is, is a simple setting.

    Beware of various manufacturers software. Check the TV's settings for things like jutter reduction and motion smoothing.. A lot of these options actually create a worse experience.. I was having terrible flickering until I turned off some setting in my TV, which was on by default.

    In short..
    Check the refresh rates.
    Check the response times.
    Check the current tech, specs and upcoming specs.
    Check the TV's settings and make sure it works right in all ways. 4k, UHD, etc.
    Make sure no subsampling or BS marketing tactics are being used to sucker you.

    Do your You have been warned. ;)

    PS: I just bought the C7 from LG.
    Turns out that Sony actually uses LG's screens..
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    Some solid advice here to be sure BUT, with a little research, 4K can be had and enjoyed with ease. The MOST important factor, don't skimp. Make sure you have the budget for not just the 4K display, but all of the devices needed to max out its potential.

    As for color and chroma depth, some quick misinformation here as chroma even down at 4:2:0 can be SPECTACULAR (See Sony's 4K projector lineup for definitive proof). As for refresh rate and a bogus "24hz-30hz no dice", 24hz will remain THE standard for frame-rate for a LONG time to come (unless you happen to be Peter Jackson). The post-processing to 60 or 120hz will simply add to the artifacts. Of course if you are gaming that is another story altogether!

    Also not certain what "the TV can't run in 4K UHD, it can only do one or the other" means...perhaps the poster meant the TV can't do 4k and HDR at the same time? Maybe?

    In Short, I would agree with every "In Short" statement as doing the appropriate research is key in all aspects, but (as I can attest from 40" to 120") 4K can be done now, and done with stunning results just make sure everything from teh source, to the connective cabling to the display are up to the task of what you would like.
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    When I said it didn't do UHD and 4k, I was referring to the colors. I have a samsung 50", UHD tv.. They told me it ran uhd colors in 4k resolution. But when I enable UHD color settings on the TV and try to run in 4k, the TV starts to loose signal randomly, black screens. So I could do one or the other with no problems but not both.. Misleading.

    I disagree that "a little research" is enough though.. it's really There are so many mistakes and oversights you can make, that will completely piss you off, it's not even funny.
    You could research all you want but a lot of info isn't even on the manufacturers spec page. You need to be very thorough. Then when you're done being very thorough, be extremely thorough..
    Because even the technicians will tell you the wrong thing half the time.. I just went through that today with multiple techs from LG, best buy and other retailers, when I bought my C7.

    I got directly conflicting information, from the people who are supposed to know about the TV'
    For example, like I said in the OP.. I was told "The B7 is exactly the same at the C7 in picture quality". it's not.
    That's 4 thousand dollars on a TV, when you could of spent a little more for a much better one.
    Idk about you but if I had spent 4 grand on the B7 then found out about the response time and picture difference vs the C7 after... "Which I was told wrong information about from the manufacturer" lol..
    I'd of been pissed..

    As for the 24-30 hz thing. Yea, if you only want to watch blurays that might be fine but a 24-30hz TV is not something most people want. lol
    There is a noticeable difference from 30-60 hz, we all know it.
    My two cents..
    Again, do the research, a
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    If you haven't been there already, the AVSForums are a stellar resource for just such research!
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