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  1. Comdrpopnfresh

    Discussion Motion Smoothing: Just, Why?

    Recently got a new TCL 6-Series QLED TV for a price I couldn't pass on. For a lot of content, the set looks amazing out of the box. Even comparing to my outgoing 4-Series on the same mount just before it. But there is "Action Smoothing" and two other kinds of settings to ruin your experience...
  2. JimKiler

    Sony remasters Wham's Last Christmas in 4K

    Yep this music video is now in UHD on youtube. I cannot think of a better to upgade to 4K for any of you who have been holding out all this time.
  3. W

    Do I need a dedicated GPU?

    I'm researching new desktops and maybe the hardest component is the GPU. I've read articles suggesting just about every desktop user would benefit from a graphics upgrade. Other people have told me a dedicated graphics card would be a waste of money since I don't play PC games. I do occasional...
  4. B

    2160P vs 2160

    I'm thinking about buying an ASUS MG24UG but on page 29 of the manual it is states 'P' resolutions. What is the difference? Which is better? Why is there a 0.03Hz difference? 3840x2160P@29.97 Hz 3840x2160@30 Hz
  5. D007

    Some things to keep in mind when buying 4k

    I was an early adopter and have suffered the growing pains.. Of which I assure you, there have been many..lol So allow me to assist you, so that my 3 years of painful experiences, can save you from the same.. Things you should seriously consider before you buy. Technology and up coming tech...