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  1. D

    Question Unable to turn on HDR in Windows 10

    In the display settings,I am able to turn on HDR and WCG at 1080p but when I change the resolution to 4k and try to turn it on ,the screen flickers and the HDR and WCG toggle automatically goes back to OFF. Details on hardware and software below - OS - Windows 10 DISPLAY - iffalcon 55K2A(4K TV)...
  2. D007

    Some things to keep in mind when buying 4k

    I was an early adopter and have suffered the growing pains.. Of which I assure you, there have been many..lol So allow me to assist you, so that my 3 years of painful experiences, can save you from the same.. Things you should seriously consider before you buy. Technology and up coming tech...
  3. norseamd

    How many ATers here use FTA satellite?

    Plenty of free and unencrypted channels, including many actual cable channels.
  4. Y

    FreeSync TVs may be coming to make console gaming smoother than ever!

    Very interesting article over on Trusted Reviews about AMD working on bringing Freesync TVs working with consoles through HDMI to deliver silky FPS smoothness. And really... lower FPS consoles are perfect to benefit most from this...