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Skylake coolers can damage the CPU's

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Jan 28, 2014
Looks like you engaged your fingers without reading carefully yourself. I only posted the German link because you asked for it.

All of my posts did not say the thinner pcb is more susceptible to bending under normal use. Basically what you said in your post #104.
The truth is there is nothing wrong with it.

I read the article before posting, including the "test procedure" and images showing was a pile of bull pucky this whole 1151 thing is.

I asked for it because you referred to it as source of claim that 1151 had "issues.".
So either you had not read it or knew what you were posting was not the entire truth.
I believe it was the first;
That you posted 2nd hand information without knowing it was not the truth. You did not verify it before posting it.
You only posted enough info for readers here to see the damage, but not how it was accomplished. I seriously doubt if most sockets & CPUs could survive their "testing procedure"

Either you did not know the facts or you intentionally hid them.
Originally Posted by bononos

Since the problem doesn't seem to be reproducible, its probably something wrong with that particular reviewer's mb socket, or heatsink or something. But that doesn't mean the thinner pcb is just as strong as the older thicker one.
Originally Posted by doyll49
What reviewer are you referring to? My understanding is the only instances were the result of shipping with cooler mounted and due to impact load.
Originally Posted by bononos
That German reviewer who posted the bendy pics from the OP's link.
I'm sorry if you feel my reply was rude. I was trying to enforce the fact that there is nothing the matter with the 1151 socket or CPU. It requires the same kind of care in handling as any other when a large cooler is mounted on it.