Should i partition Samsung 960 pro 500gb or buy 3 separate SSD?


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Dec 30, 2017
Hi guys i do video edit most of the time and some photoshop, 4k and cad / 3d rendering, reason why i need 3 ssd is because

first of all to be organized
2) for OS and APPS - 120gb
3) for current project and source files - 256gb
4) for media / scratch / cache disk - 60gb

now i have this cheap offer of samsung 960 pro 500gb from a cousin who want to sell me his extra NVMe for cheap and since its 500gb i can easily partition it to my desired amount of space with extra GB for overprovisioning (not sure whats overprovisioning, i just read it somewhere that having an unused space on ssd is good lol pls correct me if this is true)

should i grab the NVMe and partition it or just buy cheaper SSD, performance wise. Im just worried that performance will affect when its partitioned or i dont know.. perhaps someone can enlighten me?

also i have this MIRROR-raid wd red 2x2Tb that server as my internal backup so my 256 gb project disk is sync on this raid drive and then all finish products will be transfered on this drive which is also backed up by my 2tb portable SSD drive.

Thanks guys hoping for a reasonable answer
im really new with this SSD


May 7, 2002
If it was me, I would get a 256GB for OS & programs.
Then use the 960 Pro for video work since 4K files aren't exactly small.
I also hope you have at least 16GB of system RAM.
No need to overprovision, unless you are writing many GB of data a day.


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Nov 18, 2011
Over provisioning never hurts. But if you aren't writing a lot of GB per day, it's not really needed. My personal rule of thumb is if your storage disk is usually less than 75% full, go ahead and provision it as it won't matter anyway. Better to be safe than sorry in my eyes. As far as the NVME drive versus multiple SSD's, I would go with the NVME drive personally. I don't see a reason or a need to have everything on separate drives personally. Now if you wanted to have a backup drive for safety, that is a different story. But a single large ssd or nvme drive would be much better than multiple smaller drives. Larger drives are also faster. The choice is ultimately yours, but I would worry less about the amount of drives and more about the storage capacity versus speed versus price. Whatever is the best price to performance to capacity ratio I would go for. Then simply partition it as you would like.


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Dec 12, 2010
Elixer has the correct idea. No need to combine work and play (partition), in fact there is a danger, in an all-in-one solution, where a disk failure risks losing all your data, personal and business. I suggest using the NVMe for "current project and source files" only. However I would also make it a system disk ( bootable) in case the C: becomes inaccessible.