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  1. K

    Question How to recover a deleted APFS partition

    I was using Acronis and I accidentally delete the APFS partition on a MacBook Air and created an NTFS partition in its place. I did not delete the EFI partition before it. Then I deleted the NTFS partition and tried using several different software to get back the APFS partition but they all...
  2. B

    Windows Disk Management: how are partitions ordered on a hard disk drive?

    In the Disk Management interface, do partitions of a disk from left to right represent partitions from outer to inner tracks on a disk? Outer tracks of a hard disk drive are "faster" than inner tracks, as in more data can be accessed per unit time. However, despite that the relevance of this...
  3. A

    Should i partition Samsung 960 pro 500gb or buy 3 separate SSD?

    Hi guys i do video edit most of the time and some photoshop, 4k and cad / 3d rendering, reason why i need 3 ssd is because first of all to be organized 2) for OS and APPS - 120gb 3) for current project and source files - 256gb 4) for media / scratch / cache disk - 60gb now i have this cheap...
  4. Ketchup

    4 TB Toshiba is now showing no Partitions. Any Quick Options?

    Backstory: 4 TB drive is backed up but was removed from the server for a trip. Connected to Win 7 laptop through a dock and Windows wanted to format the drive (no partition found). Need some options. Here is where I am at ATM: Web searches seems to indicate that Test Disk was the best option...
  5. H

    Need help setting up partitions after switching from Windows to Linux

    Hi guys, I have been a Windows user for most of my life. When I was using Windows my HDD was divided into 4 partitions called C: , D: , E: and F: I had Windows on C: and all my data(Music, Photos, Documents) on the other partitions. I did this to prevent data loss. In case I have a OS corruption...