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Networking Support thread for the unemployed: Spring 2014

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Jul 31, 2001
Originally posted by: Zap
Hey, BFG (where I work) is hiring!

Technical Marketing Assistant

In a kinda-sorta round-about way I got my position at BFG through a contact that I first met at Anandtech years ago. It's time for me to pass on the good karma. :D I'm not sure the monster.com posting is clear enough, but basically this is an entry level opening for a computer enthusiast. What better place than Anandtech Forums to search for computer enthusiasts?

There's also another open position open in another department for a Warehouse Manager but I don't have any other details at the moment.
This has go to be a dream job for 90% of AT'ers


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Jun 20, 2006


Mar 12, 2000
Originally posted by: Exterous
Originally posted by: Zap
Originally posted by: Mo0o
Originally posted by: Zap
Technical Marketing Assistant
This has go to be a dream job for 90% of AT'ers
You'd think... but I don't think anyone from here has applied. Maybe nobody needs a job? Or... they're too good for an entry-level position. *shrug*
Seriously? I would apply for that if it wasn't a 7 hour commute
Same. I'd love a job like that, I'm just nowhere near where it is. Thanks for posting it anyway. ;)


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Jun 13, 2004

Desktop Support+ Position available with my company in Pittsburgh

Job Number: 00459
Desktop Support Analyst
Minimum Salary Grade: 04 - $51,500 - $56,500
Maximum Salary Grade: 05 - $56,500 - $61,500

Primary Location: PA-Pittsburgh
Organization: Information Technology
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Day Job

Bayer Business and Technology Services (BBTS) was formed in October 2008 as part of the restructuring of the North American service functions of the Bayer Group. BBTS provides business-critical services to Bayer's North American Subgroups: Bayer CropScience, Bayer HealthCare and Bayer MaterialScience. BBTS is a combination of Bayer Business Services, Bayer Technology Services and other service activities for Bayer in North America. BBTS has a singular vision: to Foster the Success of the Bayer Group. BBTS employees accomplish this by using their experience and expertise to tailor solutions and services to the needs and requirements of their customers in the following areas: Business Planning and Administration, Bayer Technology Services (Engineering Services and Site Services), Business Consulting, Finance and Accounting Services, Human Resources Services and Support, Information Technology Services, Integrated Employee Services, and Procurement Services.

Bayer's Desktop Support Analyst position is part of the Desktop product tower within Bayer's Client Services area, and within the Technical & Operations group reporting to the Bayer Business Services North America Information Technology (BBS NA IT) Desktop Manager. The Desktop group is comprised of several desktop support tools and products. In this role, the Desktop Support Analyst is responsible for overseeing desktop support vendor daily operations, for preparing and reporting desktop project invoices; seat count; and recurring desktop services charges, and for providing documentation related to Desktop Services products/processes.

The Incumbent will:
- Desktop Support Vendor Operations & Projects:
- Monitor daily operations and Service Level Agreements (SLA's)/Aging report, and communicate any anomalies to Desktop Support vendor on-site manager;
- Staff reporting to Service Delivery groups;
- Responsible for monitoring/reporting;
- Monthly Customer Desktop SLA's to Order Management;
- Monthly Desktop Support vendor SLA's to Desktop manager;

Desktop Support Billing Activities:
- Order Management invoicing;
- SAP Template Billing;
- Profit/Loss Reporting ;
- Yearly PO Creation;
- Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Documentation:
- Responsible for documenting SOP's for Desktop Services/Processes;
- ISO 9001 Compliance Auditing; and
- Internal Bayer audits

The selected candidate is required to possess the following:
- Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, or closely related field and one or more years of current information technology experience, OR four plus years of current
Desktop support experience;
- One plus year of current desktop support experience;
- Strong understanding of IT technology and business processes;
- Strong communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal, to articulate concepts and ideas related to assigned projects and customer support, and have the ability to work effectively with a variety of people, with varying backgrounds, and at all levels of the organization;
- Must be well organized and results oriented;
- Self-motivated with high degree of initiative and excellent follow up skills;
- Strong teamwork skills with the ability to work in cross-functional teams as well as independently; and
- Must have the willingness and ability to travel as needed up to 20% of the time;

Preferred Qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, or closely related field and three plus years current information technology experience, OR Master's Degree with one plus year of current information technology experience;
- One plus year of experience with desktop billing activities such as order management invoicing, profit/loss reporting, and PO creation will be preferred;
- Knowledge and experience with SAP is strongly preferred, and
- Experience with ISO compliance auditing is preferred.

Salary grade and title dependent upon education, experience and accomplishments.
PM if interested.[/b]


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Jul 22, 2002
Originally posted by: Zap
Originally posted by: Mo0o
Originally posted by: Zap
Technical Marketing Assistant
This has go to be a dream job for 90% of AT'ers
You'd think... but I don't think anyone from here has applied. Maybe nobody needs a job? Or... they're too good for an entry-level position. *shrug*
Can't afford to move to another state for a 25-30K job. If I lived nearby I would already have that job though. :D


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Jan 28, 2001
i think 25-30K is what mcdonalds pays. might need to bump up the cash a little.


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Jun 3, 2009
Serious opportunity for someone who wishes to work at home and who knows how to develop a simple applet.

I'm primarily a family lawyer who works in Edmonton, Alberta. In Canada, there is legislation called the "Federal Child Support Guidelines". This legislation requires lawyers who wish to calculate child support to work with some relatively complicated formulas and adjustments, especially in situations where there is shared or split custody. A link to the appropriate legislation is http://www.canlii.com/en/ca/la...latest/sor-97-175.html

These formulas and adjustments, for the majority of family law lawyers, are encapsulated in a garbage program called ChildView, which you can "view" at http://www.childview.ca. If you go to the pricing schedule, you will see that the licensing fee for this program is expensive: A larger firm, even on the discount schedule, will be paying $925.00 for the year.

The problem? I can do what this program does in Excel. However I have no clue (nor any inclination) on how to create a program that does this. My hunch is that a program like this could be built in Visual Basic or something of the like. If I had a competing program, due to my connections in the family law industry, I could sell it at a discount rate and still make a tidy profit. Why? Because the amount charged for this simple program is outrageous.

Therefore, this is what I need:

1) Someone who can program an applet, which will be backwards compatible all the way to Windows XP, to crunch the numbers required by the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Initially, this program would only have to deal with Alberta Tax Law (we aren't talking complicated tax knowledge...you just have to factor in provincial and federal marginal rates). In addition, it has to have the option to print this data out in a tidy, professional way.

2) This person needs to be available to maintain the program if needed. Ideally, this person would be, due to being part owner of the software, the tech support call person for the duration of the product's life cycle. However, I'd be willing to accept, once the program was created, an hourly rate contract payment to maintain the software.

If you fit these two criteria and wish to work at home and make some extra money, this is a good opportunity. Ideally you would be Canadian, but this is not necessary. Honestly I've had friends at home inquire about this job, but none of them have the actual skills to make said program.

This is my proposal:

1) Building the program, by itself (the only other thing required would be a short 4-5 page synopsis on how to access the code and edit it if someone else wanted to take over maintenance) would earn you 1/4 of the proceeds of any sale as a royalty fee.

2) Being willing to maintain it and upgrade the program itself (patches, troubleshooting, etc.) would be another 1/4 of the proceeds. That is, you are responsible for upgrading it and handling tech support issues via email.

In Alberta alone, ChildView has 3/4 of the market and over 300 active subscriptions. Across Canada, there are approximately 2500 ChildView subscriptions. In other words, ChildView brings in approximately 1.25 million dollars a year (@ ~$500/year), of which I'd imagine a vast majority is profit. I can't envision a scenario where at least 2/3 of that is profit (and that is if it is managed sloppily).

Sinking our teeth into 20% of the market (500 accounts) at a discount rate of 40% ($300/year) is $150,000, of which I'm estimating 80% would be profit before labour costs...means $120,000 to spread around. If someone were to maintain the program and handle tech support emails and such, there is no reason why that person could not earn $60,000 a year maintaining a simple applet and handling a few legal assistant emails and enquiries.

My job would of course be to sell the program to other lawyers. Most of this stuff spreads through word of mouth...although I'm not against mailing free 3 month trial copies to every family firm in Canada. Shrug.

Anyway, my work email is mattottewell@leroyhiller.com. Email me if you wish, subject line: Childview enquiry. Eventually someone is going to help me with this and make some money...if not I'll just have to hire someone to do it. I'm not at that stage yet though, I'd rather have a partner rather than an employee...someone who has a vested interest in doing a good job.



Saint Nick

Jan 21, 2005
Looking for a entry-level job across the US in IT. I graduate in December 2009 with a BS in Management Information Systems. Looking for database development, help desk/desktop support, software design...anything. I have a lot of experience across different fields. I am in Nebraska.



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Mar 23, 2005
Position is in Long Island, NY - senior level

Unix/Linux Applications Engineer who will develop, test, and integrate control applications and provide program support for accelerator control system. Candidate will communicate with engineers and scientists to determine project specifications, prepare project schedules, determine resource needs, and resolve project issues. Proficiencies in C/C++ and network programming in Unix/Linux environment, as well as experience in X-Windows GUI programming are required. Knowledge and experience in Fortran programming is a plus. The successful candidate will have strong analytical and problem solving skills, as well as excellent communication skills to work with a diverse group of scientists and engineers. Requires a BS degree (MS degree preferred) in computer science, physics, or equivalent, and a minimum of 3 years experience in Unix/Linux applications development. Candidate will be placed at the Applications Engineer or Advanced Applications Engineer level dependent upon depth and variety of experience in the programming languages specified.


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Jan 26, 2005
I have designed a concept for a social networking website with a specific target audience and marketing opportunity.

I was planning on using the DotNetNuke toolset to develop the site but lack some of the higher level programming skills required. I am not opposed to coding the site on a Linux based system.

Graphics design for the site can be done by another party unless the person I find has some graphics ability.

I am estimating that the site would take 3-4 months of part time coding to complete.

I would like to find someone interested in partnering with me for the long term development of the site. Any partner would share in advertising profits as well in any profit made from the eventual sale of the website. If I do not find someone willing to partner I am also interested in hiring a programmer on a part time contract basis for the creation of the site code.

Please send me a PM if you are interested.

Young Grasshopper

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Nov 9, 2007
Position in Downtown Los Angeles, CA - mid-level

We're going to have an opening here in our office for a mid-level Systems Administrator type role. We are a EHR(electronic health records) hosting company. Business is really booming for us due to the stimulus package and I can pretty much guarantee you wont ever be laid off due to lack of work. It will be an hourly position with opportunity for overtime:

Skills needed(if you're missing any we can teach you):

Windows 2003 environments
Familiarity with RAID levels
Cisco firewalls and routers
Dell Poweredge/Powervault equipment
Symantec backup exec

Position will most likely include working a Saturday, or Sunday, or both. Certs or education are certainly helpful, but we basically need a good, hardworking individual who shows up everyday to work. Position will involve 80% supporting our clients thru helpdesk requests. Good opportunity for someone who wants to get out of the desktop position and work with servers...

Plus, Healthcare is a really good field to be in...


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Nov 28, 1999
Found out i will be laid off in a couple of weeks so I'm looking for new employment. I have 9 years of web/graphic design experience and a few years of eCommerce experience. Looking for a Web design/Front end developer job in the Chicago Suburbs.

Porftolio here:www.TonymOnline.com

if anyone has any leads, let me know.


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Dec 15, 2004
Kinda sorta looking for a PHP/mysql dev. Doesn't have to be here (south FL). To work on adapting a project more to suit our needs. Please send IM.


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Jul 16, 2000
Position in Seattle, WA

Looking for a Tech Support Engineer who has Support Experience and coding knowledge/experience.

Great, great company with great benefits. Double, even triple thumbs up (for those of you blessed with a third thumb?)

PM for details


May 19, 2003
Position in Bronx, NYC
Come work in my department and nef with me. :)

Information Systems Programmer/Analyst (Information Technology - Position Application Number: F-0059):
Information Systems Programmer/Analyst (Information Technology - Position Application Number: F-0059):

· Bachelor?s Degree or equivalent relevant experience in an information technology development related field.

· At least 5 years relevant experience in software or system development, at least 3 years of which is specific to SQL-driven web enabled processes and includes extensive modification of legacy systems.

· Knowledge of business systems operations and support (such as Retail, Financial, CRM, E-commerce, etc.).

· Demonstrated ability to quickly learn and apply specifics of new business systems.

· Knowledge and experience in application and database administration and support.

· Demonstrated ability to do advanced script and query modification and development using XML, PHP, Delphi, JavaScript, XHTML, Post-relational, SQL, and similar environments.

· Highly developed customer service skills and attitude, superior communication skills, a personable support manner, patience, resourcefulness, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.


Under the technical direction of the IS Development & Integration Manager the Programmer/Analyst will participate in developing, integrating, implementing and administering a range of custom-built and packaged information systems used by The New York Botanical Garden. He/She will work as part of a team to develop and support systems to serve NYBG?s proprietary business and information needs. Participate in system analysis and planning activities. Code, modify and test applications using a variety of technologies and environments including but not limited to: LAMP, SML, XHTML, Delphi, Javascript, post-Relational, SQL, and web services. Implement and test new database system development and integrations with existing information systems. Document system design, develop training material and deliver training. Train systems and network administrators to respond to Helpdesk and support tasks for these software packages and customized systems. Self-manage a continuous learning cycle to incorporate new skills. He/She will perform other relevant duties as assigned.

Salary commensurate with experience. Excellent Benefits, including 4 weeks vacation.


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Nov 9, 2000
I'm also looking for a job (Senior, Architect, Principal level). Kaiser Permanente IT outsourced 700+ jobs (director down got laid off) over to IBM global services past march and my last day is July 24 :(

Over 14 years of IT experience, primary focus is on Enterprise Systems and Application Integration, Systems Analysis and Development - primarily in Java / J2EE / JEE / Spring Suite (Framework, MVC, Batch, WebFlow), Hibernate/JPA

I prefer the Orange County, CA area (currently live in the Inland Empire and there's nothing over here) as I'm planning on relocating there.

Resume available upon request, just PM.

My wife is also looking for a full-time job, she's graduated past January and is now a registered nurse (took the NCLEX a few months back and passed) - none of the hospitals in my area want to entertain new grads :(



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Jan 31, 2005
Fiancee was just laid off last week. She has a Masters of Librarian Sciences and graduated in December 2008 from the University of Kentucky. She was a Youth Services Librarian for a local library for approximately 3 months. We are located in the Cincinnati OHIO area and any information on any open Library positions or help is greatly appreciated.


Mar 1, 2000
Looking for a Job - Milwaukee WI area

Recently laid off (http://forums.anandtech.com/me...y=y&keyword1=laid+off)

Past History (in reverse chronological order over the past 10 years or so):
Technical Sales Rep Mzima Networks (http://mzima.net)
Sold Internet Backbone transit and transport solutions to companies worldwide. ISPs, Collocation Centers, Web Hosting Companies, etc.

IT Manager/System Admin for Kohn Law Firm (http:/kohnlaw.com)
Responsible for all hardware, software, networking, phones and databases. Supported over 100 people and machines. Managed rest of IT staff too.

Technical Sales Rep Genutiy/GTE-I/BBN Networks (defunct)
Sold Internet Backbone transit and transport solutions to companies worldwide. ISPs, Collocation Centers, Web Hosting Companies, etc.

Obviously my complete resume is available upon request.
I'm pretty much open to anything in the "IT/Network World" right now. I'm not being picky.

Thanks, and best of luck to everyone searching out there... its ugly.



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Nov 7, 2001

I work for Scientech, a Curtiss-Wright Flow Control company, in Idaho Falls, ID. We are doing quite well in the recession -- we are in the energy business. They are building energy plants, nuke plants, etc. all over the world right now, and business is good for us. We are hiring software engineers, quality engineers with experience in Electronics in Idaho Falls, and a variety of other positions around the country for our other divisions. We build monitoring systems for nuke plants, both the software and the electronic hardware that goes with it. We also retrofit old nuke plants with new digital circuit boards made by our staff in Idaho Falls. The other divisions make steam valves, coke drum equipment, all kinds of stuff to do with the energy world.

We just purchased a company that makes 'caskets' for storing spent fuel rods. Since the gov't recently cancelled Yucca Mountain for centralized spent fuel storage in NV, the power companies are now having to store their waste onsite the way they have in the past. They are all hitting their end of life on current storage, and need new containers, since they can no longer depend on the move to Yucca. We will be taking on a lot of business around the country, building and supplying the 'caskets' to power companies with spent fuel rods.

I have been told we will likely hire 25 people for various positions in Idaho Falls before the end of the year. Lots more hiring happening all over the country. We are gearing up for some good work! Come join us!


Randy Clements


Senior member
Nov 7, 2001

Here is another good lead for another company doing very well right now. They are looking for software engineers, test engineers, and have many positions open. Sorenson runs a video relay service for the deaf and hard of hearing. The back end that runs everything is quite impressive, and the software is pure magic. I worked for them in the IT department for over a year, and I love the company. I wish I would have never left there. If you can get to Salt Lake City, it might be worth your while! Business is booming right now for Sorenson. Also, if you know American Sign Language, their interpreters make from 25-30 dollars per hour, and Sorenson has a call center in nearly every major US city, so there is likely one near you.

In fact, I started going to ASL class to learn once I found out how much the interpreters can make! It's much more than I can bring in doing IT work. If a person can learn and master a new 'language' it could be a good thing! And since the 'core' of it is English, a language we already know, it comes quickly. For a person that already knows how to sign and can become certified, it's a golden opportunity.


Jan 6, 2001
There will be a job opening here shortly for a Microcomputer Support Specialist II, State University, good benefits, nothing crazy on pay but the cost of living is cheap. West central Illinois. PM me if you would like more information.


Jan 13, 2000
My company is looking for a Professional Services Engineer in the Boston area. This is a great place to work with highly technical and skilled people. We're looking for someone who has C++ development experience and very good scripting knowledge in Perl etc. PM me if interested. Below is a small description of the requirements.

At least 3 years of technology experience (software or IT) as a services engineer, developer, or IT/tools administrator
BS or MS in Computer Science or engineering
Strong scripting ability in one or more common scripting languages (Perl, Python, Ruby, shell)
Knowledge of the C and C++ programming languages (experience with Java is a plus)
Strong knowledge of both *NIX and Windows platforms
Basic knowledge of build systems (make, jam), source code control systems (Perforce, ClearCase, CVS), and bug tracking systems (Bugzilla). Must be familiar with software development environments
Familiarity with various software development process models, and with procedural and object oriented programming concepts
The ability to travel a minimum of 50%
Smart, creative, energetic, conscientious, and enthusiastic person with strong problem solving skills