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Networking Support thread for the unemployed: Spring 2014

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Diamond Member
May 3, 2005
Downtown St. Pete, Fl area.

Analyst position with a marketing company. We are looking to fill a position in our analytics team. Part of the job would require creating/maintenance of SQL scripts used to support our reporting datamart and the other would be pulling data in SAS and performing some adhoc reporting/analysis.

Looking for someone that has a strong background in SQL and SAS. Knowledge of Postgres would be helpful but not required.

skim milk

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Apr 8, 2003
Open positions in the Washington DC area

Management and Program Analyst


U.S. Department of Homeland Security

US-VISIT, Administration and Logistics Branch, Rosslyn, VA

Announcement Number: DHSHQUS09-6161

Opening Date: February 24, 2009

Closing Date: March 9, 2009


Management and Program Analyst


U.S. Department of Homeland Security

US-VISIT, Acquisition and Program Management Branch, Rosslyn, VA

Announcement Number: DHSHQUS09-6162

Opening Date: February 25, 2009

Closing Date: March 10, 2009



Apr 23, 2004
Do you work for the DHS? Strange how you posted listings from usajobs.gov...
There are 1000's of listings on there.

skim milk

Diamond Member
Apr 8, 2003
Originally posted by: dbk
Do you work for the DHS? Strange how you posted listings from usajobs.gov...
There are 1000's of listings on there.
no I don't work there, but I work very closely with that department.

those open positions came to my work email so I posted


Jul 31, 2001

Not sure if people in the Seattle area know about this website. It's caters to the tech market specifically and the job postings look pretty legit. I went to high school with a few of the guys that started it. Hopefully this isn't considered spam, I have no personal stake in this site and they didnt ask me to do this.


Senior member
Mar 3, 2004
I am looking to hire a network admin in the Seattle area to help maintain multiple small to medium corporate networks. Must have a working knowledge of Windows 2000/2003 environments, AD, DNS, exchange and backup/storage/recovery solutions.

PM me if interested.


Diamond Member
May 3, 2005
Someone in the St. Pete, FL area

Data Analyst

Acquire, analyze, and assess the integrity and consistency of data used to support client-based reporting and analysis. This will be a hands-on technical role, heavily involved in the overall architecture, technical design, implementation, and production support activities relating to database marketing. In addition to the technical responsibilities, this individual will be responsible for working directly with the user community to provide ongoing reporting and analysis support. The ideal candidate would combine experience with very large datasets, a demonstrated attention to detail and the ability to multitask.

Essential Functions:
? Restore client data from various external sources to our internal data infrastructure
? Large volume data conversion, data cleansing, and upholding scheduled data delivery standards
? Perform data validation and massaging to ensure accuracy and quality of data
? Work with primary users of the data to identify and prioritize information needs
? Work with the client community to capture requirements, design, create, manage, and fulfill requests for reports and information
? Contribute to documentation initiatives as needed
? Contribute to group knowledge and best practices
? Collaborate with IT to identify opportunities; design and implement solutions with the goal of maximizing efficiency and productivity

Required Skills:
? Strong analytical/problem solving skills
? Strong communication skills
? Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail is critical
? Strong SQL query skills. SAS skills a plus.
? Strong report development skills.
? Database marketing experience preferred.
? ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load) development skills.
? An ability to be flexible and work within a team environment.


skim milk

Diamond Member
Apr 8, 2003
Management and Program Analyst (APMB)
US-VISIT, Acquisition and Program Management Branch, Arlington, VA
Announcement Numbers: FS246240DE-NH 09 (All US Citizens)
FS246240MP-NH 09 (Merit/Status Only)

Opening Date: March 26, 2009

Closing Date: April 9, 2009

I'm just trying to help out... I got this to my work email. Hope this helps someone


Senior member
Jan 2, 2004
Control IT Tech in Marlborough, Ma.

PM me if you need more info. I'm not at that site, but I'll try & get what you need.

Use reference # BRPMA09-011

Brookfield Renewable Power?s operations are primarily
located in North America and Brazil. Brookfield Asset Management Inc., focused on property, power and
infrastructure assets, has approximately US$80 billion of assets under management and is listed on the New
York and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the symbols BAM and BAM.A, respectively, and on Euronext
Amsterdam under the symbol BAMA. For more information, please visit Brookfield Renewable Power?s
website at www.brookfieldpower.com and Brookfield Asset Management?s website at www.brookfield.com.
Responsible for the System Control Database software, and integrity and continuity of collected
data, the responsibilities include but are not limited to:
? Assist with installation, maintenance, operation, testing, and troubleshooting of data
acquisitions and control systems and associated subsystems.
? Routinely monitor integrity and functionality of systems to ensure maximum, safe and
reliable operations of hydro facilities
? Perform system & database backups and provide user support for data retrieval and
? Provide technical support for installation and configuration of data retrieval software at user
level platforms for reporting and trending functions
? Configure data access security across layers of business to ensure company security and
NERC policy goals are met
? Provide development, maintenance and data validation capabilities for System Control
reporting requirements
? Provide SCADA/EMS systems technical support and network access for existing and new
acquisition integration
? Ensure compliance with related software licenses
Candidate Profile/Requirements:
? Associates or Bachelor?s Degree in Computer Science or related field
? Experience in PI database configuration, administration and reporting
? Experience in SQL database configuration and administration
? Technical knowledge encompassing EMS SCADA system operations and related
subsystems, circuits and protocols
? Ability to operate, protect, meter, and troubleshoot controls
? Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office Products (Excel, Power Point, Access, Word,
? Advanced computer skills, including EOS system software
? Knowledge of networking and communications systems including Cisco Router experience
? Advanced problem-solving skills and ability to prioritize
? Excellent written and verbal communication skills
? Ability to create and follow procedures
? Ability to adapt and respond readily and calmly to changing situations, emergencies and
multiple priorities
Brookfield Renewable Power offers a competitive total compensation package as well as benefits and
401K plan. We are looking for action-oriented, self-motivated individuals with the required experience and
qualifications. All interested candidates should apply in confidence no later than April 8, 2009 to:


Elite Member & Lifer
Aug 20, 2000
Hi guys and girls,

If you're the type of person who:

A) Visits Engadget, Gizmodo or the Gadgets Gear and Phones forum multiple times a day,

B) Are a competent software developer and enjoy asking and answering questions in the Programming forum,

C) Are part of the webhosting industry in any capacity and keep up to date on the trends and new technologies in the industry,

I may have an opportunity for you to make a reasonable side income blogging and posting in our community forums on behalf of the company I work for.

I work at a mid-sized webhosting company (that has a real office in a highrise office building, not a fly-by-night you will do a lot of work for only to have your paycheque bounce) that is looking to add depth and content to our existing web forums and company blogs. I've been asked by our Marketing Director to inquire on the various forums that I visit for people that may wish to fill these roles.

I don't have an enormous amount of detail other than the general outline of the people we're looking for that I mentioned above. On the all-important topic of compensation, while I can't immediately give you a pay range, I will say that you will be treated with the utmost respect for your work - and we absolutely consider blogging and forum posts to be work - and will be compensated fairly for it.

If you're interested, since I will need to see a "resume" of some sort as per your qualifications, please e-mail me at sully@yllus.com with the subject line containing "Job Opportunity" and give me a quick rundown of:

A) Which of the three (or a combination of them) people you identify with that I listed above,

B) How you stay up to date - the sites you read and follow,

C) Most importantly, the forums you visit and post upon (include your username) and/or the blogs you yourself write or visit and post comments on,

D) You can also send me your technical resume as backing of your qualifications and I'll include that in the stuff I forwarding to our Marketing department.

I don't do HR work much myself so if I'm missing something or you need to ask a specific question please post away here, e-mail me or send me a private message.




Junior Member
Apr 1, 2009
im looking for anyone who works for best buy geek squad. i have a couple of questions for you. i have mcdst mcp certifications and will got a plus certification within a week or so as well as network plus. looking for work in houston texas. i dont mind doing some selling also.


Jun 22, 2000
Several Job openings near Detroit, Michigan (Novi)

C# both Winforms and ASP.Net, either or, both preferred.
Expirience with XML web services a plus
Any knowledge of Cold Fusion (for legacy systems) a plus but not required.
Knowledge of 3D Systems (CAD, OpenGL, DirectX) a plus but not required.

SQL Server 2005

Email me your resume and I will get you an interview!

neiln @ mtsl dot com


Diamond Member
Jul 12, 2000
Web/Multimedia Development Specialist in the SF Bay Area, specifically the peninsula area.

The [university school] seeks a Web/Multimedia Development Specialist be to responsible for developing various web/multimedia contents and maintaining both the internal and external School of [redacted for now] websites. Reporting directly to the Assistant Dean for Technology, the incumbent will create web contents and online services using various development languages (i.e., HTML, Javascript, PHP, Flash, RoR, etc.) and utilities (i.e., Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, etc.) Responsible for continuing development, support, and enhancement of web contents and services. Will also communicate project status (hours, progress, delays, and completion) in a reliable and accurate manner through appropriate tools and processes. Develops test plans, test scripts; performs preliminary system testing/debug activities and quality assurance. Creates required technical documentation and backup data for ongoing support and maintenance. Works closely with other IT staff to coordinate planning and implementation of new features and services. Performs other information technology departmental duties as assigned.

Please PM me for details and application procedures.


Golden Member
Apr 28, 2007
Recent opening from my work, PM if you want me to send you any more info on it. This is in Palo Alto, CA.

Product Release and Document Control Associate
- At least 6 years in pharmaceutical or medical device Quality Assurance
- Experience with both product-specific quality (such as raw material nonconformance disposition) and general quality system activities (such as document control processes)
- Experience in Document Control processes required, electronic document management experience preferred
- Comfortable in a fast-paced environment

And there is also this opening for a Customer Service Rep:


Diamond Member
Oct 23, 2002
My company in Oak Brook, IL is searching for a senior .NET developer......must be very well versed in .NET and know how to handle all types of different scenarios in .NET.

PM me for more details.


Platinum Member
Aug 30, 2004
This is for anyone in Phoenix AZ. I am doing this for a friend so if interested, let me know via PM and I'll give you her email address. Understand she works for an IT recruiting company but this is a need to fill job that you won't get any run around using my friend (she got me my job and I've known her since high school).

**6 figure salary plus bonus**

Client located in Phoenix is searching for a senior BI Architect for a permanent position with their team! Candidate will be working on a long-term project at a very high-profile international company located in the North West Valley.

Key elements of this position are:
· SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
· SQL Integration Services (SSIS)
· SQL Analysis Services (SSAS) (including hands on MDX experience). MDX experience must be hands-on building cubes.
· T-SQL development experience including query tuning and debugging
· Full SDLC: analysis and scoping, design, development, QA, and deployment.
· This is a very senior level position so expert level development background and data modeling is required.

The ideal candidate must have
· 5+ years architecting and developing applications on the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 database platform
· a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or equivalent,
· Be very polished and professional
· Exhibit exceptional customer service
· The ability to manage multiple high-visibility projects.
· Relational and Data Warehousing design and development, including the Kimball DW Methodology
· Logical and Physical Data modeling experience and requirements gathering


Senior member
Nov 6, 2000
Recent graduate in Biomedical Engineering with a Material Science Engineering minor looking for work.
Willing to relocate.


Feb 6, 2000


We are a start-up business, so all of the following positions require people who can wear a few hats, keep focused in chaos, and maintain a good sense of humor - team players rather than cowboys. Below are several skeletal descriptions of positions we expect to fill in the next few months. College degrees and solid computer skills are required. We will follow up in more detail to any qualified applicant. All inquiries will be held entirely confidential. References are helpful. Salaries are reasonable and carry an equity component and other benefits.

Product Manager
This position requires 5-10 years experience in the bike industry including hands-on overseas sourcing and product development relationships in Taiwan. A track record of success in managing all details and logistics to the bike specification, assembly, delivery, and Q&A are critical requirements for this job. Familiarity with CAD programs and language is necessary and a thorough knowledge of contemporary bike components and vendors is essential. Work experience with larger established bike manufacturers is helpful. But this position is for someone with European sensibilities i.e., an appreciation for simplicity and classic design traditions.

Marketing Assistant
This position requires 2-5 years experience working for an organization known for unique products or services and excellent, creative communications. Retail direct marketing experience is desirable. A facility and passion for online marketing and social media is essential. An appreciation for good design, and a passion for bikes and community-based businesses is also crucial. We are looking for a detail-oriented, highly organized person with street smarts and a hands-on tactical focus, not a ?maverick? or a ?creative visionary?. People skills and a track record as a good problem solver as well as communication skills, especially writing, are essential.

Director of Operations
This is a senior position with responsibility for building and managing all aspects of the logistics and operational infrastructure of the business aside from finance, merchandise, and marketing functions. Bike industry experience or the equivalent is essential.
We are looking for someone with 5 - 10 years experience managing specialty retail and manufacturing operations, distribution, customer service, and ecommerce.

Merchandise Assistant
This position requires 2-5 years experience working in the specialty retail industry for companies with reputations for unique products and high levels of customer service. Online retailing experience is helpful. A knowledge of the vocabulary and metrics for retail sales, performance and accounting is essential, i.e., net sales, gross margins, inventory turns, merchandise classifications, etc. The job entails managing overseas vendors and sourcing, so a familiarity with manufacturers and sources of bike-related gear will be very helpful. An appreciation for design and quality, bikes, and community-based services is crucial.

Executive Assistant
The executive assistant position requires 2 years experience in a related field, extreme communication skills, a highly organized demeanor, and willingness to support all functions of the business. Bike industry experience is highly desirable but not essential.
Located in the SF area afaik.


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Oct 13, 1999
Hey, BFG (where I work) is hiring!

Technical Marketing Assistant

In a kinda-sorta round-about way I got my position at BFG through a contact that I first met at Anandtech years ago. It's time for me to pass on the good karma. :D I'm not sure the monster.com posting is clear enough, but basically this is an entry level opening for a computer enthusiast. What better place than Anandtech Forums to search for computer enthusiasts?

There's also another open position open in another department for a Warehouse Manager but I don't have any other details at the moment.


Golden Member
Feb 7, 2001
WANTED: Part-time Java/PHP programmer - from home, part time

I'm looking for a reliable, somewhat experienced Java and PHP programmer for part time, from home work. I run a small business and need some help with some projects. I probably have enough work to keep you busy for at least 10 hours per week at $20/hour.

If you're interested, PM me and we'll talk. It would be a fantastic opportunity for someone who is looking for a little extra cash or for a college student.

Bonus points if you're familiar with QuickBooks and/or MySQL.