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Eric Garner all over again

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Jul 15, 2003
I see two major problems, both of which seem to be seriously bad in America and almost nonexistent in other developed nations. I also do not see any real workable solutions to either problem.

1. The tendency of Bad Americans to exploit vulnerable situations for their own personal gain. Specifically in this case the looters/rioters moving in and out of the protester groups in order to stealthily loot and riot. (At this point everyone with a functioning brain should know the two groups of people are not the same. Sadly not every American has a functioning brain.)

2. The tendency of modern American Police to view anyone who opposes them, or appears to be "suspicious" as a threat and an attacker, and therefore strike against them before they can possibly do something, ANYTHING which might hurt the police. Another sub problem is the tendency of modern American Police to view damn near anybody as "suspicious" regardless of all the circumstances.

These two major factors together seem to be causing most of the property and personal destruction we're seeing this last week. And like I said, I don't see any obvious solutions. These are deep-rooted cultural failings and lord knows the people in charge right now have absolutely no interest in addressing Americas deep-rooted problems, much less planning to fix them, or fix them.
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Aug 21, 2003
So apparently rumors of busloads of Antifa paid for by Soros basically exploded in every little podunk and terrified white suburb on Facebook so lots of morons with guns and melee weapons turned out to meet them.

Of course these busses do not exist because fucking duh. So morons all over the place stood around with their little dicks in their hands waiting for an imaginary enemy.


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Aug 8, 2008


May 15, 2000
On my way to work today I saw a motorcade of humvees traveling down the freeway.

Why did this upset me?
Mar 11, 2004
You really are stupid and completely blinded by your white privilege blinders, aren't you? Do you realize it will require an entire systemic change for BLM to accomplish their intended goal, for black people to feel safer at all times and to feel like they truly belong in the US equally with everyone else, including white people? There needs to be a complete renovation of our militarized police force, a majority of the police fired and put in jail for the crimes they have committed to the people they were supposed to protect and serve, for the horrible crimes that they are committing now living out their physical beatdown fantasies they've always harbored.

Police budget has to be cut down by 90% in most areas so they do not surpass the education budget, health services budget, and many other crucial items that are needed to make a community prosper. The way police are hired and trained has to be completely revamped, they require many more hours of training before being allowed to graduate, their training curriculum has to also change. Instead of getting Israeli training of yeeting Palestinians, they need constant de-escalation training and also training on how to deal with the mentally handicapped citizens they will run into on their jobs.

If you think BLM is just trying to get the police to stop killing black people, you are completely ignorant and should just excuse yourself from any BLM subjects with your complete lack of understanding. Take a look at how much money the LAPD consumes. What do you see is wrong here?
The song Empire by Queensryche came on the radio the other day, and its such an early 90s song. Has the little political bit with speaking, but its all about how little was being spent on police, but I'm not sure why it acts like that's a bad thing.

This article...just...uh, why would it become less accurate? Its specifically about the spending for one fiscal year, so either it was wrong or right, that wouldn't change as time goes on. Plus, it acting like spending more on space exploration, or national defense is horrible or something. And we see why that should be the case when we start arming our police they start acting like the military, and we have jack shit to show for it (war on drugs did more harm than good, and now the privitization of prisons is causing havoc, making police worse as well). And law enforcement does little to nothing about massive crimes (financial fraud in Wall St/financial institutions).

Just fucking weird for a rock music thing to be glamorizing or I guess more trying to make police sympathetic.


Jan 6, 2002
Hilarious indeed, but right now cops are even worse then usual. Everything they do is being recorded and they're still beating the shit out of people and blasting anyone in range with rubber bullets. I wouldn't have the cajones to do something that hilarious out of fear the cops around would just snap. For as long as I remember I guess I had just always assumed rubber bullets basically looked like regular bullets but made out of rubber. Like a rubber 9mm, that would still hurt like shit. I saw pictures online, Jesus h christ they're almost the size of a damn beer can. And cops are shooting crippled dudes in wheelchairs like they're Rambo in Afghanistan.

So no matter how hilarious it could be, I don't think I would do anything that might upset a LEO right now, hell if they're shooting unarmed wheelchair bound guys I might not even leave the house. The trumpet playing dude was greatness, if he had been black they might have shot and killed him and claimed the trumpet looked like a Glock.
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