Doom Eternal

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Thunder 57

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Aug 19, 2007
It does share the name, however, it's probably not what you'd expect.

It's not just a wall that spits out demons at you. It's a giant ass demon that attacks you in multiple ways. All the while, regular enemies spawn in to hurt you and farm resources. Certain helpful pickups respawn as well which helps a lot when a tough demon is spawned in. Thankfully, no Marauders or Arch Viles spawn in the battle.

The stupid part, IMHO, is that when you have nearly beaten it and just need to jump through a portal to finish it off, it ends up being the exact same battle again! I think the Icon might have a few more attacks the second time around but I'm not really sure.

I much prefer the Spider Mastermind approach from 2016. That one was a bit too easy though as it literally threw you full health twice. So if you had 200hp available, you were in great shape. One time I fought it and there was a glitch where it did not give you health, and it was super difficult. I ended up dying. I'd love to try that again though as I'm sure I could beat her without the freebie health, I'd just have to rethink strategy.
I have a video of that time in Doom 2016 when the Spider Mastermind glitched and didn't give me full health/ammo. It wasn't a particularly good run. I'm sure I could manage to beat her though given multiple attempts.

Also, I haven't even finished watching it yet, but this Sins of Doom Eternal is right on so far.


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Sep 1, 2010
Finished all the slayer gates on Ultra Nightmare but I can't use the last Empyrean key at the base? Guess that's fine if I can't use it until after the ending but hoping it's not a bug.