Disabled Girl Sues For Having To Share Valedictorian...

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Jun 21, 2001
So having an immune deficiency scores you points at Harvard? :confused:


May 24, 2004
hmmm... at my high school, PhysEd could be opted for credit or no credit, so I took it no-credit all 4 years and it never affected my GPA (with honor classes being 5.0, rest 4.0, even an A in PE would lower my GPA).

And she should have lots of bad karma coming her way for robbing the school district of $2.5mil, did co-validictorian really hurt her?

There's a black family next town over who is trying to sue for $25mil after their daughter was in a fight & was suspended, claiming the suspension was racially motivated. I'm sorry, but trying to bankrupt a public institution that already is so strapped for cash, that is not going to make the main issue better at all. Children are simple minded, what do you think they're going to do? They see a black family getting upset and stealing their money, their resources, their futures. How is that going to help anyone?

I thought the South Park episode where Mr. Garrison tries to get fired for being gay to sue for $25mil was crazy - dang I never thought that was actual real life issues.

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Mar 29, 2005
i hate people that sue for money, when they did not acutally lose anything oin the first place..there are better more decent ways to do things..


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Mar 8, 2001
I live very close to this girl and I remember this story because I was a graduating senior in high school when it happened. From what I can tell, based on interviews in the paper and everything I heard about the story, the girls lawyer father pretty much forced this issue, I don't think she really cared too much. As for the plagerism, the paper that reported on it also published her supposedly plagerized work in some sort of teenage opinion column. For the most part the plagarism was trivial and I blame the paper as much as I would blame the girl for having absolutely no fact checking at all. Yet they had the nerve to go back once she was infamous for suing the school and say she was plagarizing too. It seemed very immoral to me. I don't believe that kind of plagarism is illegal, she certainly didn't profit from the pieces she wrote. edit: it is however, immoral, and there is no excusing it. Still, I wouldn't rescind her acceptance, she did work hard to get those grades lawsuit or not. Unless she plagarized her application essay I don't think it should effect admissions.

The girl's house got egged regularly after the lawsuit and her rescinded acceptance probably hurt, college is the most important thing to many graduating seniors. I feel very sorry for her, I believe the school handled things poorly to begin with. Certainly I (and most of us) would have been happy to share valedictorian with someone else, and I have a feeling the girl was too. I bet its hard to convince a parent of a child with a disability to share such an honor after overcoming so much, with someone who technically didn't deserve it. Especially a lawyer with an overinflated ego.

Blame an overbearing parent, not the girl. She did not get what she deserved.

She will probably be better off not going to Harvard anyway, maybe learn something about being a normal person instead of never really working a day in her life.


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Jul 29, 2004
Originally posted by: Son of a N00b
Originally posted by: CaptainKahuna
Really what's the point? They're both ALREADY INTO HARVARD! What more does Valedictorian count for in life? NOTHING!

Either the guy should just say "Fvck it, I'm into Harvard, you can have your award" or SHE should drop it "Fvck it, I'm into Harvard, and I'll probably DIA (arson) F before I even get there".

the other guy should not be blamed here, he did not do anything or is one that is envolved in the suits to my knowledge, the only reason this continues is that they wanted money for the "damages"

Originally posted by: ShotgunSteven
"For instance, Blair took Latin 1 in middle school, over the course of 7th and 8th grades. Unusually, she then retook Latin 1 as a freshman--and got an A+. During her sophomore year, Blair was enrolled in AP U.S. History and was taking it at the school with a teacher whose policy is to never give A+ marks. But she dropped the course and finished it the following year at home, with a different instructor. She got an A+. Blair was enrolled in gym class in 9th and 10th grades (receiving an A and A+, respectively). Just weeks before the end of her junior year, she received a doctor's note waiving her from gym altogether. Still, an A+ for the class showed up on her transcript. Her father wanted the grade removed, and since she shouldn't have been graded for a waived class, it was. As Kadri explained to the court, an A+ in gym is worth only 4.3, and thus would have lowered her cumulative GPA, which was well above 4.3 by that point."

That is rather pathetic.

yes that is, it definately shows she should not get it then because she clearly took advantage of her disability and shoudl not even be a co-v.

I'd suggest it also shows that the current system is stupid. Getting a perfect grade in something shouldn't be an inferior choice to not doing it at all.