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Nov 11, 1999
stunning is how big the pot of excuses the left has.

odd's are the guy making jack shit, fucked up their life.
Heh. That's delusional.

Median wage in this country is ~$26K, give or take.


So it's not a function of people fucking up their own lives, at all, but rather a function of what the revered Job Creators! are willing to allow.

Notice also the increase in those making over $1M, indicating a runaway high/low split, which is really the root of our malaise. There's plenty of money & income, it's just more concentrated than is healthy for the nation & the economy. Extremely top heavy constructions are quite fragile, always.

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Jan 26, 2000
You're trying to be glib here rather than responding to the meat of my post: free market mechanics /= morality. What that does or does not mean for a given welfare program, tax policy, or anything else, is an open question. I'm simply addressing the conservative fallacy of conflating morality with free market mechanics, the idea that we "earn" - in the moral sense - whatever the Free Market doles out. It's an implicit, threshold assumption which undergirds conservative thought.

If you want to rail on about all the categories of people you dislike, argue about it with someone else. Your personal distastes are of little interest to me.
In a moral sense those who take money are responsible for what is done with it. The two cannot be divorced.


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Dec 14, 2000
What you said was so damned good I felt compelled to repeat it. And for those narrow minded whiners that jumped in later bitching that you pay soooo much taxes (in a country where the maximum marginal tax rate is less than half it was when I grew up), you frankly sicken me. Service can and does involve more than tax payments-how about the army grunts, the Peace Corp, Vista, etc. volunteers, etc. Service is service and we ALL owe it to do our best to help improve society.

When I was a kid, the leader of our Scouts troop for years was a neighbor down the street, a heart surgeon and the head of surgery at the local hospital. It's those sort of people I respect and honor, irrespective of what their political philisophy is. And I've met and known plenty like him on both sides of the isle.
i agree a person should volunteer for the reasons you list. It enriches those lives. both helping and those in it. Scouts was a great example. I can only think of 1 person who does not volunteer that i know (oddly a hard core catholic at that).

there is a difference between something you should do and something the government forces.

The Government should not be mandating a person to do more. I also do not fault those that don't. not everybody has the time to do it.

if someone falls on hard times and needs a hand. we will help. from offering shelter (wich we have when a family had a fire) and clothes (same family), food etc. We give to many small local charities (Salvation army is great. we give to the food bank and cash). The kids make blankets for "disaster" relief situations (kids in scouts and both me and wife volounteer time).

i do not like giving to those that won't try to help themselves though. IF you don't want to try why should i?
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Nov 10, 2003

there is a difference between something you should do and something the government forces.


i do not like giving to those that won't try to help themselves though. IF you don't want to try why should i?
This. Well said.

I do NOT mind a helping hand but I DO mind a continuous AND growing demand (not request) for handout. The entitlement attitude has to stop.