BMW has completely lost it!

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Oct 10, 2000
Originally posted by: NFS4
Originally posted by: TechnoKid
Umm....have you tried iDrive? I have at the BMW dealer, and the newer versions of it on the 5 series is really not all the bad imo. The new 3 series is supposed to get an even more simplified version of the new 5 series one.

Sitting and using the I-Drive on a dealer lot/showroom is COMPLTELY different than trying to drive down the road and change a radio station or to change the temperature or other basis functions

there is no no need to touch I -drive music can be selevted by voice or buttons on the wheel.

only thing i need i drive for is Nav
climate control for everyday use is seperate from I.D.
now that i think about it i havenmt touched the knob for i drive in about a week.