++ ATOT official NEF thread part IV ++

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Red Squirrel

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May 24, 2003
I always freak out a little when I log into my bank and see my 56k credit line lol. But at same time I'm just so happy I finally found property. I have about 51k sitting in my corporate ESP account so going to start taking some of that out. I am going to take out like 20k or so but watching stock to see if it goes up a bit more. Going to give a couple grand to various charities like food bank, humane society etc too. Hopefully with those donations it helps alleviate my tax hit from taking that money out. I'll find out next tax season how big of a hit I get, then that will determine how much I take out that year. So I figure I'll have this paid down in next few years. Of course I'll also be spending money on slowly building up the property.


Apr 6, 2002
Just for you, @sdifox