AoC and Omar declare Bolivia to be a coup...

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Mar 10, 2006
Concerning Federal Income Taxes? Yes - the majority of the middle class pay nothing.

Roughly speaking here are the facts (as of tax year 2018):
Bottom ~20% is a net negative on federal income tax (e.g. - They receive more in tax credits than they even pay in)
Next ~20% pay roughly $0.
Next ~20% pay roughly 3% of our federal income taxes.

Hence - as of 2018 the top 50% contribute 97% of the federal income taxes paid.

Of course I specifically mention federal income tax - you know, the tax that pays our huge trillion dollar spending budget every year? Yeah that one. So the lefty counter argument to my point here is "b-b-b-but what about <insert other unrelated tax>". Classic case of whataboutism. A local state/county/city/district sales tax has zilch to do with our federal budget.

But hey - why use facts about taxation (especially as they relate to socialist programs you proclaim to idolize) when you can use your feelings instead? Anyhow, buckle up - and sign on the dotted line that you're in favor of jacking up our income taxes and VAT rates, because that is what it takes to pay for that. It's already been said many many times that you can tax the rich at 100% and you STILL wouldn't have enough to pay for all your unicorn programs.
Lol. Of course the reason you desperately want to avoid talking about other taxes is that it completely destroys your argument.

As current policy stands today the middle class and the rich pay a roughly similar percentage of taxes as compared to their share of national income. (The rich do pay a bit more but not a ton) Under your proposal the poor and middle class would pay a dramatically higher percentage of their income in taxes than the rich do.

If you think that’s a better solution by all means say so and defend your argument. If you don’t, then stop making dumb cherry picked arguments.


Nov 11, 1999
Taxes are for the little people, like Bolivian peasants. Once collected, the corrupt politicians of the financial elite steal as much of it as they dare.


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Oct 10, 1999
"We the People" and the principle that Human Beings deserve to Self Determine would be an admirable Foreign Policy. Instead, all we got is this Our Profiteers Must Not be Resisted bs.
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Jul 13, 2005
Let me say the last 14 days have been a huge Black eye for the united states as far as pour influence in the world is concerned! Quite possibly it is a good thing in the long run!!