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Question 3900X + VR Valve Index with 5700XT or 2070 Super?

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May 30, 2004
Too bad Apoppin isn't the most...objective of reviewers.

Sold my AMD stock today for 39 dollar, 5500euro profit :grinning: so enough for a threadripper but it would need to be an 16core version with lower than 200W TDP it looks like I need patients.

I'm thinking about 2080 Super now (850 Euro) to combine with Valve index.

The 2080 Super is a very solid card.


Aug 25, 2001
Wow, sweet. I own an RX 5700, but I don't have any VR gear to try out with it. Maybe someday. I'm just not into the whole "VR thing", I guess.

The RTX 2080 is one incredibly sweet card though, I think that you'll do well with it.


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Dec 6, 2018
AMD is announcing their new GPU begin January so that is too close to ignore it and see nvidia's reaction.
RTX 3000 with 12GB may be in Q1 then I can wait, not if in Q2, end Q2 is probably more likely.
Feb 4, 2009
I haven't seen tests on the new AMD stuff (or Turing even really), but Nvidia has had a pretty healthy advantage when it comes to VR performance for years. Pascal generally outperformed similar level AMD hardware. I'm hoping AMD changes that (I kinda doubt it, since I'd think they would've highlighted that as well as try to include that new VR headset protocol that use the USB-C connector on Navi cards), I'd definitely be interested in finding out, as getting a VR headset would be a big factor for me personally in buying my next GPU.

I'm hoping that maybe Microsoft didn't totally abandon their VR plans (that they apparently ditched for the One/One X) since I think that could help development overall of VR on Windows as a platform.
I saw something somewhere a new $3500 developer HoloLens was released.
Happened recently like within the last week.
Mar 11, 2004
I saw something somewhere a new $3500 developer HoloLens was released.
Happened recently like within the last week.
Yeah, but HoloLens isn't even attempting to court consumers/gamers yet. Its AR only and really a completely different market/intent. Which I think one day it will be there, and I think someone will come up with a hybrid AR/VR (that either has near zero latency cameras with correct FOV so that it can recreate things, or via some shade mechanism where its transparent in AR mode but not in VR).

I saw some rumors saying Microsoft is planning gaming VR push with the next Xbox, but we'll see. I have a hunch the Mixed Reality headsets were essentially what Microsoft had planned when they announced VR support (think it was same time they announced the One X which was a year before it actually came out) but then decided things just weren't ready (from what I've gathered the Mixed Reality headsets tracking wouldn't be up to snuff for gaming).


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Nov 16, 2006
Its been the case for a long time that AMD cards are a great proposition if you're looking for the middle of the bell curve involving the most popular gaming set-ups. Thanks to their limited resources over the last 10 years, AMD's GPU division has been fighting to keep the middle (made up numbers time) 70% and has essentially abandoned edge case and low TAM scenarios.

You pay more for NV because they package more into their cards. If you fall into that 30% of the market that AMD doesn't find cost effective to try and reach the only game in town is NV.

Its what AMD had to do to survive during the Bulldozer years. I hope to see AMD GPUs rise or surpass NV in feature parity in this new Zen era.