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  1. Baasha

    Discussion China's Military Prowess

    Not sure how many people watched the Chinese military parade but they showed off some insanely powerful weaponry. Here's the video: The one that caught my eye is the DF-41 ICBM - a hypersonic (Mach 10) ICBM with 10 nuclear warheads that can strike 10 independent targets simultaneously (MIRV)...
  2. Jaskalas

    Erdogan Vows Turkey Will Crush U.S. 'Terror Army' in Syria (Kurdish YPG)

    Erdogan Vows Turkey Will Crush U.S. 'Terror Army' in Syria (Kurdish YPG) March 2018 Mar 29, 2018: Trump says U.S. will leave Syria ‘very soon’ Mar 29, 2018: Manbij: A Syrian town, threatened by Turkey, counts on US backing Mar 27, 2018: Turkey and FSA forces close in on Tel Rifaat. Mar 19...
  3. dphantom

    US sends THIRD aircraft carrier near North Korea

    Over 1/4 (3 of 11 active) of our carrier fleet is a significant deployment of naval assets. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/654907/North-Korea-War-US-Aircraft-Carrier-Missile-Nuclear-Donald-Trump-Kim-Jong-un-Threat-ICBMs??? It would be interesting to know if other conventional...
  4. Jaskalas

    ISIS Defeated in Iraq

    ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi acknowledges defeat in Iraq ...ordered non-Arab fighters to either return to their countries or detonate themselves Many of ISIS’ leaders in Iraq has now fled towards the group’s controlled areas in neighboring Syria U.S.-backed Iraqi forces close in on IS-held Mosul...
  5. norseamd

    New Video Of DODs Secret Syria Invasion Plans Just Released

    The Real Deal!!!!! Lookout you filthy foreigners, here Murica comes. Just waiting for Trump so we can get this party started.
  6. norseamd

    Trump/DOD laying plans for deploying conventional forces to Northen Syria

    Apparently it was just breaking on CNN a few minutes ago. Multiple sources. https://twitter.com/aravosis/status/831968769027223555 http://wtkr.com/2017/02/15/pentagon-considering-recommending-combat-troops-in-syria/
  7. norseamd

    How to Fight the Soviet T-64 and T-72 Tanks

  8. Jaskalas

    Syria: US and Turkey agree to seize, govern Raqqa

    2016 August Aug 9th: Russia's Putin and Turkey's Erdogan meet after damaging rift Aug 10th: Turkey signals joint defense plan with Russia Aug 18th: Syrian planes said to bomb Kurdish-held area for first time Aug 20th: US scrambles jets to the Syrian city of Hassakeh Aug 21st: Top US commander...