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    Question Which 27 "Dell monitor to choose - 2K or 4K (not for gaming, but for work and fun)

    Hello. I can't decide to choose a 27 "monitor from Dell. I choose between these two models: P2720DC S2721QS I will use the monitor with ThinkPad E14 (Gen 2) laptop that supports usb-c charging / transfer / display. When I compare both monitors, I see that the model "P" has 2K resolution, it is...
  2. U

    Question Lenovo Customer Support?

    I have been researching new Laptops for a while (my eyes are bleeding) and all set on the Thinkpad X1 Extreme... was able to customize some options I wanted and ready to part with my money. There was a glitch in their "shopping cart" interface and I couldn't get it to go to the payment page. I...
  3. R

    Lenovo Thinkpad wifi card BIOS whitelist

    Hi Anyone knows if situation remains as before regarding Lenovo Thinkpad 2018 range? As you know, if you purchased a Thinkpad notebook, you couldn't use another wifi card besides ones at their service parts list (usually not newest models). It's a pity as you couldn't improve wifi reception by...
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    Lenovo Thinkpad T470 - Is this a good price and configuration

    Hello, I am looking to buy a Thinkpad laptop for home office and mobile office use, i.e. I am an independent contractor in financial services and was happy with a Thinkpad T-Series laptop several years ago. I was referred to a current Thinkpad sale that ends tonight, on the Lenovo site, in...
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    Laptop Advice Needed

    Hey there :) , Currently I have a T410 Thinkpad (1st Gen i5 M560 @ 2.67GHz ,4GB RAM, Sam 750 Evo 120 GB SSD @240MBPS :( , 1440x900 Reso)( Refurbished :p ) But its So darn heavy :( ! It has that extra big battery butt too, makes it even more heavier.. So guys, please help me pick a comparatively...
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    A new ThinkPad T460 - Secure Boot and UEFI help

    So my cousin got a new ThinkPad T460, but without an OS. I had a spare Windows 8.1 Pro key, so I installed 8.1 using a live USB drive after converting the ISO using Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. It installed without any problems, but I ensured that Windows couldn't install any updates or...
  7. Fritzo

    Favorite "Road Warrior" laptop?

    I work for a large consulting firm and am on the road a lot doing on-site work. Over the years, I've found the perfect portable laptop has to have the following: - No more than a 14" screen - At least a 5 hour battery - A good keyboard/trackpad - A sleep function that actually works - All ports...
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    OLED vs IPS LCD: Battery Life

    Interesting comparison by HotHardware: Now let's appreciate this display: *IPS LCD (left), OLED (right)