Question Which 27 "Dell monitor to choose - 2K or 4K (not for gaming, but for work and fun)


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Dec 13, 2018
I can't decide to choose a 27 "monitor from Dell. I choose between these two models:
  1. P2720DC
  2. S2721QS
I will use the monitor with ThinkPad E14 (Gen 2) laptop that supports usb-c charging / transfer / display.
When I compare both monitors, I see that the model "P" has 2K resolution, it is a professional Dell series, it has a usb-hub and supports usb-c, which is very convenient for my laptop.I will have everything connected with a single cable. model "S", so it is a Dell consumer line (poor quality and display?), but its biggest advantage is 4K resolution.
The monitor should be used for work at home (school), but I would also like to watch movies/YouTube sometimes. I won't play any games on it.
What do you think is better to choose? Is really 4K resolution at 27 "better than 2K? Is it worth when the monitor will have 4K resolution, but it doesn't have usb-hub and usb-c? What is your experience with this? What is more advantageous? If I had a computer, would it probably be better to take 4K? But if I have laptop then usb-c is priceless? How do you see it?
Thank you.