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  1. O

    Question Is this build fast for office applications and web browsing?

    I want to create a build that is lightning fast for simple tasks like web browsing and Microsoft Office. What it does NOT need to be able to do is any kind of gaming, video editing and so on. This is the configuration I had in mind: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz (2 x 8 GB) -...
  2. N

    Question I wanted to build a gaming Pc anything I should Change

    I wanted to know if u know a better substitution for my parts because i am new to pc building and I have a gtx 1080 here is the parts list:https://pcpartpicker.com/user/NatiFn/saved/2DkshM Sorry Didnt Understand what you said here is the uptaded link and thanks: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BFqB3Z
  3. D

    Info Project DC70 PC Desk (Dodge Charger 1970 Theme)

    Hi I Just want to Share my Latest Project DC70 PC Desk Theme - Dodge Charger 1970 Video Coming Soon! (:
  4. Kh.Ali Abbas

    Marble PC Desk/Table

    Hey guys! So can I use Marble top with Aluminium legs as my PC desk/table? I'll be using PC and other electronics like Laptop and iPad charger and stuff on it. So I'm kinda worried that it might shock me or short my PC or other electronics?
  5. T

    Question New builder advice pls

    So I’m lookin to buy a Intel i9 9900 Asus ROG STRIX Z390 Corsair vengeance ram 16 gb Seasgate barracuda 2 tb And corsair cxm 550 w 80+ bronze certified semi- modular tax power supply Was wondering if all that was gonna work good with one another. If not I NEED advice lol
  6. jsimenhoff

    Intel Optane AMA - Starts Wednesday at 11am

    Intel Optane AMA with the Intel Optane Team AnandTech is proud to announce the upcoming guest in our featured Community Series -- ASK ME ANYTHING. On Wednesday, September 26th through Thursday, September 27th the Intel Optane Team will join us in a live AMA on the AnandTech Memory and Storage...
  7. M

    PC Configuration Help Needed

    Hello everyone! Can somebody help me in configuring a good desktop computer? My computer is mostly used for programming, testing applications and software, creating interactive websites, image processing and video. It's not for gaming. I use Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) and, if needed, Windows...
  8. C

    Split Between Two Builds

    I'm planning on building my second PC in a few days. I'm still relatively inexperienced when it comes to PC gaming and hardware, but I've managed to come across two different builds that I'm very interested in. I'm honestly content with both, but my first PC build could have gone a lot better...
  9. V

    Parts Compatibility Check (system build)

    Are there any compatibility issues with list? Or other known issues that might crop up? PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i7-7820X 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor ($469.99 @ Amazon) CPU Cooler: Noctua - NH-D15S 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler ($79.90 @ Amazon) Motherboard...
  10. C

    PC Build

    Last quality check before i purchase and build. Build will be used for light gaming, surfing, streaming, a workstation that can game at 1080p. Amd build for the physical cores and the ability to multitask better, keeping the build under $1k. No suggesstion is a dumb suggestion, open to any and...
  11. Bobsy

    Dirt-cheap PC for Web Browsing

    Hi all! I need to build a dirt-cheap PC that will be used for web browsing, including viewing Youtube videos. It will not be used for anything else. Should I consider a Intel NUC, a competing product of the same type, or should I build from parts? I have not built a PC in a few years and I am...
  12. W

    Best budget cpu for gaming/streaming?

    I can currently stream PUBG on 720 30fps.. but it won’t let me stream fortnite or The Forest at all. Unless it’s on the lowest settings. I have an i5 7400 right now and was wondering if going with a ryzen 5 1600 because of the more cores/threads would be worth it? Or is there another cpu you...
  13. DeadlyTitan

    Build final review before buying.

    After weeks of researching around and evaluating a lot of stuff, i have finally picked the parts required to build my PC. This will serve as my work and gaming pc for the NEXT 3 ~ 5 YEARS to come by, without any other planned future upgrades. I am an application developer and i'll be spending...
  14. M

    A $500 Gaming PC that fits in a backpack (1080p 60fps)

    Over the past month I challenged myself to build something cheap that could achieve high framerates in 1080p in most modern games for a very low price, as well as being small enough to carry around wherever I go. I finished that build just a few days ago, and I'd like to share it with the...
  15. BravoTheta

    New parts or refurbished is the way to go?

    Hello, This is going to be my first time building a pc, would it be better to build it with new parts or refurbished? There are pros and cons to both like one is cheaper but the other is more reliable
  16. M

    Good afternoon, PC question, could very much use everyones help, thank you

    Hello everyone, new to the forums and this subject. I have recently been watching ALOT of computer gaming videos (Uh oh) and now...well I would love to have a PC Gaming system! Haha. I have always been a Battletech/MechWarrior fan, since forever ago and MWO looks amazing. I of course would...
  17. S

    >>Best place to bring PC parts to be assembled?!?! : \

    I have parts for a high end PC and I was thinking about taking them to micro center but was scared off by bad reviews. Yes I know how to build, I just can not justify the time and energy. My previous build gave me more problems than it was worth, defective parts, bios issues etc. I have...