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Question I wanted to build a gaming Pc anything I should Change


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May 4, 2000
Your link is no good.



Instead of downvoting my answer, you could fix your link. :rolleyes:

Or you could leave it as is, and not get any help at all. Your choice.
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May 1, 2003
I would double the RAM to 32 GB. And, personally, I would want more storage.
I don’t disagree.

I’d drop the AIO, personally, for a nice air cooler, in the $60 or so range. Heck, the aresgamer $20 one I just received from Amazon is a value beast and a pair of Cooler Master ARGB sickle v2 fans to make it go bling would only be another $25 or so. Plenty of heatsink and fan for 65W 5600x.

I’d definitely take that money and go 32GB of ram. At $140 for the nvme I’d be looking for a pcie4 1TB deal or pushing up for a 2TB drive. 2TB is great because it’s easy to blow 1TB today with a few games. I know 2TB can be gone through too but I’ve found it just right for no other drives in my main PC personally.

Personally, I’ve found the P5 underwhelming for the premium. I was more impressed with WD Black 750 as a comparable drive. For value I’d do a 2TB P2 no problem, it’s not the fastest but price per TB is super solid. I just didn’t find the P5 to be as much faster as I’d hoped.

All and all should really go great with the 1080. The RM and RMx series are among my all time favorite PSUs and have been quiet and reliable every time I’ve either invested in them myself or had others do so. RM750s in both my dads and my sons builds.


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Feb 19, 2020
Very interesting( and annoying).

I do not understand , why somebody opens a thread for getting some help, and then does not even answer to the suggestions, no thanks or anything else.