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    changing bios chip

    Hi I have a 970A-G46 motherboard when i was updating the bios it froze so i manually shut it off and now there is no post i want to change the chip but it is soldered on i could technically do it i have the tools but will that fix it?
  2. S

    Small motherboard piece broken dont know what it does

    I just got this motherboard for my pc build. I was opening everything up and when I opened my hard drive it slipped and fell onto the motherboard breaking a small piece off. I have no idea what this piece does. I hope and dont need to get a new motherboard. Plz answer ASAP. This is a MSI...
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    New build will not POST

    So I have finally given up troubleshooting and hopefully you guys can share your knowledge with me. Heres the part list: CPU: Intel i5 7500 RAM: Crucial Ballistix 8gb DDR4 @ 2400 Mobo: ASUS B360M-A GPU: Nvidia 1050ti PSU: Evga 600B bronze rated SSD: Samsung 970 Evo m.2 So we started the day by...
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    Toshiba l645 motherboard Replacement

    Hello to everyone :D, I am glad to have joined this community, as my first post I would like to be helped with a compatibility doubt. I have a Toshiba l645 motheboard with model being A0000733901B023132W , also at the back of the heatsink says Hannstar DA0TE2MB6G0. I would like to know if its...