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  1. ZingZ

    Question Mobos that support 9gen out of the box

    Does any of these mobos support i3-9100F out of the box without bios update ? ASUS PRIME H310M-K R2.0,ASUS PRIME H310M-A R2.0, ASUS PRIME H310M-D R2.0 , ASUS PRIME B360M-K , ASUS PRIME B365M-K , ASUS PRIME B365M-A
  2. N

    Question Gigabyte GA-Z77-DH3: USB ports and DPC Latency

    Hiya. I've been struggling to make any music since I upgraded to Windows 10 due to very poor performance from my USB audio I/O. I've had a Propellerheads 'Balance' audio interface since it was released and I love it but as soon as I got Windows 10, things got bad. Really bad. The stutters...
  3. EXCellR8

    Odd Behavior w/ AMD FM2+ Ubuntu Box

    This started happening more recently... basically, my Ubuntu 16.04 system will turn itself on shortly after one of my other computers is powered up. I looked in BIOS just to check to see if there were any wake events configured but there aren't. The second part of this is that the system...
  4. W

    BFG Tech drivers?

    BFG Tech is out of business, so does anyone know of a legit site that has drivers? I have a 680i SLI mobo and can't get drivers for it.
  5. Q

    Question(s) regarding the Noctua NH-D15 cpu cooler

    I have a couple questions regarding the NH-D15. 1. Given the sheer size of this beast, will it get in the way of my ram on the mobo? I'm thinking about getting the ASRock AB350M Pro4 micro atx mobo. Pcpartpicker says my mobo and this cooler are compatible, but I don't know how much I can trust...
  6. Micheal Ven

    M.2 can't run Gen3X4 on PRIME H270M-PLUS

    Samsung 960 can't run Gen3 X4 . it run Gen3X2 on H270M-Plus. what's happen? can anyone help me?
  7. J

    Pc Part Appraisal, Please Help

    I am looking to see how much I could get for these parts, either sold together or individually. Please price the parts individually too. All are slightly used but in good condition. All have their boxes except cpu. Msi gtx 970 4gb oc edition Msi 970 gaming motherboard Amd fx 8350 black edition...
  8. the unknown

    Fans spin for a second but comp won't turn on (Solved)

    Fairly sure it's a dead mobo but would like confirmation. i7-4790k, Asrock Z97 Pro 4, EVGA Supernova 850W GS So, I've gone through the steps, breadboarded the computer, and determined the all components are working except the mobo or the PSU. The PSU turns on and runs a fan but I've heard that...
  9. X

    Do i have a dead CPU?

    Hi all, my computer suddenly died. It keeps turning on and off every 3 seconds. Here are the steps I have taken. All drives were disconnected 1. Replaced PSU 2. Tried one stick of RAM at a time 3. Removed graphic card 4. Tried another graphic card 5. Took motherboard out of the case and tried to...
  10. C

    HElP !! my gigabyte dual bios is corrupted

    guys heres my problem my main bios is corrupted every time i open my pc my cpu will on and after 1 sec it will off then on again then off after 6-7 times of on off it will open then will say my main bios is corrupted then it say it will recover from back up bios but!! the update bar is stack in...