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  1. D

    Question No Power to Motherboard.. Seeking Help!

    Hi Thanks for dropping by and trying to help a new fellow member here. I have come across a weird problem. So here it goes: My PC Build: i5 12400 MSI B660m a pro wifi ddr4 G.Skill Ripjaws V 8gb x 2 3600mhz Deepcool AK400 Deepcool dq750 M2VL PSU Deepcool Mattrexx 55 4f Mesh All parts are new...
  2. Kh.Ali Abbas

    Marble PC Desk/Table

    Hey guys! So can I use Marble top with Aluminium legs as my PC desk/table? I'll be using PC and other electronics like Laptop and iPad charger and stuff on it. So I'm kinda worried that it might shock me or short my PC or other electronics?
  3. O

    Question Dell desktop not starting up and everything gets hot. Help!

    I got a dell inspiron i580 desktop from a friend. It worked when he last used it, but was in his pickup for a month or two and probably suffered some vibration and cold damage. It uses an ssd so it is probably not that, however it is not mounted so its loose in the computer with semi stiff...
  4. TurtleCrusher

    Just traded a 7th gen i5 w/ 1060 laptop for a Ryzen 2 system, big mistake with ryzen 3xxx coming?

    I've been out of the loop for a while since I left the semiconductor industry. I though the Ryzen 2xxx would be current for a bit until I got a google alert 30 minutes after making the deal about the new Ryzen CPUs. I traded a Dell 7577 w/1060 6gb for the desktop in sig. Am I SOL on future...
  5. EXCellR8

    Windows 7 Freezing but Only After RDP Session

    Apologies in advance if this is more complex than I mean it to be... but I'm pretty stuck. Basically, I have a SFF low power computer at work that I use as a personal file server and to run some older proprietary apps. This machine runs Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and does not have a monitor...
  6. D

    Custom component manufacturer

    Hi guys right now i am working on my product ( a fully upgradeable all in one ) its still in concept stages i am starting my research and want to know if any one of you guys know about any brand that can build custom motherboard and a brand that cam supply touchscreen panels ( preferably hdr )...
  7. TurtleCrusher

    Radeon R9 270 2GB vs GTX 1050 4GB (notebook)

    About to move and thinking about going all laptop to save space. Is the GTX 1050 4GB as fast or faster than my 270 (270 with OC right below 270x) I'll be pairing this likely with an i5-7300HQ (4c4t 2.5-3.5). On a budget but also want it to last a while, hence not going with MX 150 laptops...
  8. Ketchup

    Windows 10 - Desktop Icons Don't Like to go Where I Put Them

    Anyone else have an issue with desktop icons not liking to go where you put them? I am on the latest official build. Seems to have started with the Creators update, though I am not 100% So far I have noticed this with two different computers using three different mice.
  9. MajinCry

    Best bang-for-buck quiet case?

    Been progressively renovating my computer, after I bit the bullet and upgraded from a 965 BE a couple of months ago. Fancy motherboard, fancy CPU, fancy RAM, fancy hard drives, fancy cooler, and a fancy power supply. Fancy GPU comes later when miners stop eating all the RX 580s. Now it's time...
  10. F

    Tower PC with 4-6 HDD Drive Bays

    Namaste, I have been out of touch with Anandtech for last 15 years. You guys (or your dads) helped me build my first PC in 2001. Need some advice on buying a new tower desktop PC. I have a HP tower PC that is about 10 years old. I have a blu-ray drive and 4x HGST 4 TB disks. Boot drive is a...
  11. S

    Need Help 4 a High End Build

    These are only some parts I've been looking at so if you would like to give other suggestions please leave a comment I could get all the help I can get. Windows 10 Display: 43" 4k Monitor (Already bought) CASE:
  12. R

    Perf. evaluating/comparing notebooks with sff and desktops

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this but I am wondering if/where I can find comparisons between different types of computers. When I see the review of the Gigabyte blah blah-950 all the performance comparisons are with other SFFs...Is there a site that could compare it with a laptop (yoga...
  13. S

    Geforce GTX 1050 / 1050 Ti Launch Thread ($109 / $139 - October 25th)

    October 25th Update: Reviews - 1050 TechPowerUp Guru3D ComputerBase PurePC PCWorld - 1050 Ti Overclocker's Club Hot Hardware TechPowerUp Hardware Asylum Hardware Canucks LanOC Techspot cowcotland Hexus Guru3D ComputerBase Tom's Hardware PCLab PurePC ComptoirduHardware Eurogamer TweakTown...
  14. R

    sff build

    Hi folks, I'd love some input into a new computer I'm looking at buying/building sometime before xmas. I've never built a computer before and would prefer to avoid starting from scratch if possible. I have a crazy small apartment and want a sff style pc (I would also consider a laptop 13-15")...
  15. E

    Building New Budget Gaming Desktop

    1. The PC will be used for gaming and will have a Plex server running in the background almost all the time 2. Budget is Around $725 3. Buying all parts from the USA 4. 5. No brand preference really other than an intel cpu 6. I have already bought the GTX 1060 7. No overclocking 8. 1080p 9...
  16. S

    Geforce GTX 1050 / 1050 Ti Thread

    - New GP107 GPU Successor to GM107 (GTX 750/750 Ti) - 128-bit GDDR5 / 2GB or 4GB - Replaces the GTX 950, price on the same level - Agressive pricing - Shipments late September, launch mid-October More here: September...